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How To Connect Keyboard To IPad


The iPad changed the way we consume material on the go, but it isn’t without flaws. The primary difficulty I’ve discovered is that typing on a touchscreen is inefficient at best. When you consider the iPad’s size, even the tiniest fingers will find it difficult to type.

Sure, you can tell Siri anything, but sometimes you simply want to write, or you’re in a noisy place where conversing would be difficult. In that scenario, you’ll need an external keyboard, and we’ll teach you how to connect the most popular ones to your iPad.

Touchscreens are amazing, but there are occasions when you need the convenience and comfort of a physical keyboard. For Apple users, this generally entails pairing your iPad with a Magic Keyboard.

To connect it to your tablet, follow the steps below.

How To Connect A Magic Keyboard To An iPad

If the Magic Keyboard is turned on and charged, you may easily link it through Bluetooth.

1.Tap the gear icon on your home screen to access your iPad’s settings.
2.Choose “Bluetooth.”
3.Swipe the button to the right, making it green, to activate Bluetooth.
4.To connect, go to the “Other Devices” section and choose your Magic Keyboard.

You’ll have to unpair your keyboard if it’s already associated with another device before you can begin this process.

You may disconnect by turning off the keyboard or going to the Bluetooth area on your iPad and detaching from it.

How To Connect To The Magic Keyboard After It’s Paired To Your iPad

After pairing the device using Bluetooth, you’ll be able to connect your iPad to your keyboard over Bluetooth. However, keep in mind that your Bluetooth connection will only last around 33 feet and that when your Magic Keyboard is connected, you won’t see the on-screen keyboard.

You may also utilize the Lightning connector:

1.The Lightning port may be found on the back of your keyboard, around the center.

2.Connect your connection to both the keyboard and the charging port on your iPad.

How To Connect The Magic Keyboard For IPad To Your Tablet

If you have a special iPad keyboard, the procedure is straightforward:

1.Fold the keyboard into place after opening it.
2.The iPad should be attached to the magnetic region.

Keep in mind that if you close your keyboard over the iPad during a phone or video call, the call will remain active.

Connecting Bluetooth Keyboard To IPad

Bluetooth keyboards are the most likely to be connected. These are practical and ideal for the iPad (which requires a dongle to plug in a USB keyboard). The connecting method for a Bluetooth keyboard varies by model, but you’ll locate the keyboard under Settings > Bluetooth on the iPad (or iPhone). Simply put the keyboard in pairing mode, then touch to pair when its name appears in your Bluetooth settings. That is all there is to it. The iPad will connect to the keyboard everytime you turn it on after this first connection, and the on-screen keyboard will be disabled.

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