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How to Convert Coins into Gems in Pet Sim X


In this article we will explain how you can convert coins into gems in pet simulator x. There is no such user interface through which you can easily convert coins into gems but it can be done really simple way.

So first get your pets with the coins that you have and then go to the marketplace and trade them frequently as doing so can provide you free gems.

Collect rank rewards every few hours and by doing that you won’t even have to buy robux to get a boost. If you have Vip game pass then you should join it and get some more boost and gems from that.

Another method it by trading your pets, once you have got all your pets go over to fuse area, the fuse area is right at the beach. All you need to do is fuse all of your same pets here by doing so you will have a high chance of getting golden demortis pet, and then you can convert itno whatever you want or just trade it for gems.

How to Turn Coins into Gems in Pet Simulator X

Go to the trading section for that you need to go to Pet Sim X about section and from there go to discord server for trading and make sure you read all the trading rules of discord server. Get your value chart and save it so that you know how much of value pet you have. Either you can trade your dominus domortuus egg or dominus infernus as it has good demand.

While trading make sure that your Dm is open so that others can DM you for trading and you can sell your pets to them.

You can also use pet Simulator X codes to get free gems. Here is how you can redeem your pet simulator codes.

Using Roblox Pet Simulator X codes is a piece of cake once you’ve reached the Basic Rank. These freebies can be yours if you just follow the instructions below.

  • Pet Simulator X is ready to be played.
  • At the bottom of the screen, there is a pet-shaped button. Click it
  • To redeem a code, tap the star and then scroll down to the bottom of the screen
  • Redeem your freebies by entering an active Pet Simulator X code

Here we have the full guide to Pet Simulator X and how you can convert your coins to gems instantly.