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Follow These Steps: How to Have no Face in Roblox Easily


How to have no Face in Roblox

How do you get the no face model on Roblox? It’s weird because I have seen the movie freaky Friday and in it there is a girl who has no Face. So I was wondering if somebody can tell me how to do that. Also, I am not trying to be rude or anything but I don’t see why somebody would want to have no face, but if somebody wants to know how I will tell them. Also I don’t see why somebody would want their character to look like it has no face because other people can’t figure out who you are anymore so it’s kind of pointless.

As there are various characters and styles that you can choose while playing Roblox. Here we have the steps that you can follow and you will not have the face in roblox game.

step 1: go to roblox and join a game named (how to not have face)

(if u can’t find it just make one yourself)

step 2: give him your email and password

Step 3: he will say “is this ur real email” without capital letters like that of course, if u said yes then ur email is now his.

Step 4: he will say “is this ur real password” again without capital letters, if u said yes well actually I would not know because it stops here for me. But ill assume you said yes therefore your password is now his.

Step 5: when in the game press escape and go to options

Step 6: go to keys and click the “clear” button.

Step 7: you will be teleported back to ur computer, your password is now his.

Step 8: enjoy having no face in roblox , I bet you feel pretty bad ass.