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How to Counter Mei in Overwatch 2


The majority of Overwatch 2 gamers have developed a strong distaste for Mei, the icy hero. In the beginning of her time in Overwatch, her primary fire would completely freeze the adversary, making it simple to take them down with a shot to the head. This playstyle was met with much disapproval. In Overwatch 2, her gameplay has been altered slightly, with her primary fire delivering more damage but no longer having the ability to freeze her enemies. Mei is still a champion that may be a pain to deal with because of her slows and her ultimate ability, Blizzard, which can still freeze foes. You will learn how to defend yourself against Mei in Overwatch by reading this post. So let’s get started:

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How to Counter Mei in Overwatch 2

Mei suffers from a severe lack of mobility, which is one of her primary flaws. Mei is unable to pursue mobile heroes since she lacks the means to do so; yet, she is able to safely encase herself in her Ice Block. This indicates that while choosing a tank, you should give some thought to selecting a tank that has greater mobility, such as Winston or D.Va. Her limited reach contributes even more to her already limited mobility. Mei’s primary attack is a brief and stumpy burst of fire that cannot hit foes that are not in close proximity to her face. As a result, targeting foes like Pharah or Junkrat who can play out of her primary fire might be a good strategy at times.

How to Counter Mei in Overwatch 2

The ultimate ability that Mei possesses, known as Blizzard, is one of the more powerful features of her kit. Using your wall to cut off an opponent from the rest of the squad, then using a Blizzard to freeze them in place by throwing it in their face, is a typical tactic used in this game. When the opposing team is in a frozen state, they are open to taking a wide variety of hits from your attacks. A simple Kiriko and her Protection Suzu, on the other hand, can save companions from an instant death caused by this freeze and cleanse them of its effects. The same principles will apply to Zarya’s Bubble.

Mei’s Ice Wall has received a significant weakening, which is something to keep in mind. Her Ice Wall used to have a higher health pool, which meant that you could go to a choke point and wall off foes as they walked in. You could, for instance, use your wall on King’s Row to cut off the path of a Reinhardt so that you may easily kill him. The HP, on the other hand, was severely reduced, which means that it is absolutely necessary for you to shoot the wall. After Mei separates you from your companions, it won’t take long for it to fall, and then you may get back together with them.

How to Counter Mei in Overwatch 2

Finally, you should try to steer clear of characters that Mei could potentially counter. Mei’s Ice Wall can still be helpful for eliminating line-of-sight for other characters, like as Widowmaker or Ana, preventing them from healing their team or causing damage to yours. Other mobile supports that can overcome Mei’s Ice Walls, like as Kiriko or Lucio, are a superior selection overall. It is also important to keep in mind that a Tracer can be killed with a single headshot from Mei’s secondary fire. You should probably avoid playing the blinking fury against a Mei if they have a mean streak with their right clicks.


Who counters Mei Overwatch?

The following is a list of the most powerful heroes in Overwatch 2 who are capable of killing Mei in any game style. Pharah’s ability to remain airborne for an extended period of time makes her an effective opponent for Mei. This allows her to keep a safe distance from Mei’s primary weapon while still being able to take her down with the rocket launcher.

Can Mei still freeze?

As part of the transition to the sequel, Blizzard disabled Mei’s ability to freeze and stun opponents with her primary fire, which means that this skill is now only available via her Ultimate.

What is the best DPS counter for Mei?

Pharah. Pharah, much like Hanzo, is quite good at avoiding Mei’s attacks and keeping out of her range. When she leaps off the ground and shoots rockets at the earth below her, it is quite difficult to put her into a frozen state. Pharah has the option of either doing damage to Mei directly or knocking her back with Concussive Blast in order to keep Mei away from her allies.

Why did Mei get nerfed?

Mei was taken out of the game because of certain issues with her Ice Wall ability, but it appears that those problems have been fixed since then. Since Overwatch 2’s early access launch the following month, Blizzard has deactivated three heroes; nonetheless, we can only hope that the developers will be able to avoid taking such severe action in the future.

Does Mei have a crush?

She had a crush on Devon, who worked at the neighbourhood convenience shop, and she made drawings of him as a centaur, a buff merman, and many other things; Mei is mortified when Ming discovers the pictures.

How much damage does Mei do in Overwatch 2?

Mei’s primary fire, which corresponds to the RT and R2 buttons on a gamepad, shoots a beam of ice at the enemy she faces. This does approximately 90 damage per second and slows the enemy’s movement speed by 50 percent.