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How to Create a Thread on Discord on Mobile


If you would like to begin a conversation on your Discord server, you can do so by initiating a thread inside of one of its channels. You are then able to bring up a subject in a momentary gap within the channel without overwhelming the ongoing discussion with responses from other users thanks to this method.

Whether you’re using a computer or a smartphone, you have the ability to initiate a new topic within a Discord channel. If you follow the brief tutorials that we’ve provided below, we’ll show you how to accomplish it on mobile devices.

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How to Create a Thread on Discord on Mobile

1. Once you have launched the application and logged into your account, enter the menu by tapping the hamburger icon located in the upper left corner of the screen.

2. You will need to log in to the server where you want the thread to begin and then navigate to one of the servers text channels.

3. To add a new message to the chat, tap the + icon that is located at the bottom left of the message box.

How to Create a Thread on Discord on Mobile

4. When the options have appeared, select the one you want by clicking the Threads icon in the lower right corner.

How to Create a Thread on Discord on Mobile

5. To initiate a new discussion on the channel, simply send a message and provide a name for the thread.

How to Create a Thread on Discord on Mobile

If you made the thread public, then everyone who can view the channel will be able to respond to it and take part in the conversation that it spawns. On the other hand, those who are mentioned in a private thread are the only people who are able to comment or post in the conversation that follows.

It has been brought to our attention that private threads are only accessible on servers that have a boost level of two. If you are unable to start a private thread, it is possible that your server does not have sufficient boosts to get to tier two.


What is a thread in Discord?

Users of Discord are able to separate a conversation from the feed of a main channel through the use of threads, which operate in a manner that is quite comparable to that of many other chat programmes. Conversations that are organised into threads are displayed in a feed of their own, and the administrators of a Discord server will be able to decide which users from the server can take part in individual threads.

How long do threads last Discord?

After a period of 24 hours during which there has been no activity in a thread, the thread will be archived.

Is it possible to start a thread twice?

No. Once a thread has been launched, it is impossible to restart it again. An IllegalThreadStateException will be triggered in the event that you do so. In this scenario, the thread will run once, but if it is ran a second time, an exception will be thrown.

What is not allowed on Discord?

Recognize the value of contention.

Do not engage in, encourage others to engage in, or arrange activities that are illegal or harmful, such as sexual solicitation, the trafficking of people, or the sale of or assistance with the sale of things that are forbidden or potentially dangerous (firearms, ammunition, drugs, and controlled substances).

Which of the following will start the thread?

This thread’s execution begins when the start() method of this thread is called; the Java Virtual Machine then invokes this thread’s run method.