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How to Decipher Encrypted Quests in Fortnite(Chapter 4 Season 1)


The Fortnite update version 23.50 is likely to be the last major content update released during Chapter 4 of Season 1. Even though the Most Wanted event is over, Epic Games couldn’t let the season finish without giving its players one more week’s worth of content to keep them engaged and entertained. For this reason, they included some additional tasks. The Cipher quests are now available, and while they are similar to other quests in the game, they have a few key differences.

The players will have to break codes and figure out enigmatic riddles in order to complete these jobs, which present a greater level of difficulty. If players are able to complete a sufficient number of Cipher quests in the first couple of days of Fortnite’s Season 2 Battle Pass, they will have the opportunity to earn unique cosmetic items, gain some experience points at the very end of the season, or get a head start on the experience gain process. You will learn how to decipher encrypted quests in Fortnite by reading the information contained in this post. So let’s get started:

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How to Decipher Encrypted Quests in Fortnite(Chapter 4 Season 1)

In the Cipher quests tab, to the right of the list of quests, there is an image depicting the various rewards that the players are able to unlock. Below this image is a message that states, “a signal has been detected with a looping encrypted message inside that reads” This message can be found when the player clicks on the Cipher quests tab. It can appear to be a strange and unrelated sentence, however that is not the case. It is imperative that players make a mental note of the looped encrypted message since it contains the solution to all of the different codes that they will obtain throughout the course of the event. This date also serves as a symbol for March 10, 2023, which is the day on which the event will be concluded.

How to Decipher Encrypted Quests in Fortnite(Chapter 4 Season 1)

In order to decipher the Encrypted quests, players need to take each number in the quest title and subtract it from the corresponding number in the lopping message. After that, the result number of the subtraction will be replaced with the letter of the alphabet that is corresponding to that number. This will provide the players with a location; if they go to the place that was described, anywhere in that area, they will be able to finish the quest by following the additional message that was included in the description of the mission. If there is only an encrypted message and no description of the mission, it will offer players straight directions that clarify what they need to perform.

For instance, the description of the very first Encrypted mission instructs the player to “inspect the wall… beneath… eastern building at [redacted].” Thereafter, the digits and are written underneath it. The following is the method that can be used to decipher the code:

  • 1-0=1=A
  • 17-3=14=N
  • 23-1=22=V
  • 9-0=9=I
  • 14-2=12=L
  • 19-0=19=S
  • 19-2=17=Q
  • 24-3=20=U
  • 1-0=1=A
  • 21-3=18=R
  • 6-1=5=E

The correct response is “Anvil Square,” which can be found in the exact middle of the map and bears that name. If players travel to that location and look in the eastern part of the map for a structure that has a basement, they will discover that the building that houses the repair business is the answer to this mystery. The players will need to interact with a wall in the basement in order to finish the quest and earn their experience points. The wall is located in the basement. There will also be quests that don’t have any suggestions in the description because the actual task will tell you what you need to do to complete it. The second encrypted quest that is available only has the text “ 1.22.,” which, when deciphered, says “Spray at Splits Bowl.” In order to continue with Faulty Splits, players need to make their way to the bowling alley.

How to Decipher Encrypted Quests in Fortnite(Chapter 4 Season 1)

When they open the emote wheel within the building, a unique spray will appear on its own; this is the Distant Roar spray, and they will need to use it in order to finish this quest; afterwards, they will be able to retain it for themselves and use it whenever they choose. As the event goes on, more quests will be made available, and players will have to continue decoding messages if they want to receive all of the available rewards. Thankfully, the process of decoding messages becomes much simpler once players are aware of the numbers they need to use and the method by which they need to use them in order to determine what the quest actually is.


How do you see quests in fortnite?

Within Save the World, there is a tool known as the Quest Log that gives you the ability to view all of your active quests. You’ll find it under the Quests tab in the menu.

What is uncommon or rare quests in fortnite?

Rare Quests are Punch Card quests. Once the challenge has been fulfilled, it will be issued once more with a number that is more difficult to achieve. Unusual Quests are Daily quests issued. Additional uncommon tasks can be bought with Bars from characters already present in the game.

What is an uncommon quest in fortnite?

Unusual Quests are the new format for what were formerly known as Quick Challenges, notably the daily versions. They have a timer of 24 hours, and the reward for completing them is 17,000 experience points. Every day you will receive 3. (After you have finished those three tasks, you will unlock common quests).

Do Fortnite quests give XP?

XP for Completing Daily Challenges

You can gain just over 3.6 million experience points, which is comparable to 46 levels of the battle pass, if you complete three daily quests each and every day during the season. You can achieve at least 83 levels by completing three daily quests and all of the weekly quests, which brings you close to finishing the normal combat pass.

Do weekly quests expire Fortnite?

The behaviour of weekly tasks has finally been restored to how it has always been, which means that players will no longer lose access to them after a week has passed. This season, Epic Games decided to make the weekly quests in Fortnite temporary, but the decision has now been reversed after receiving negative feedback from players.

Can Fortnite ban you for XP farming?

This is considered cheating by Epic Games, and if caught, you will be permanently banned from the game. According to their Community Rules, it is against the rules to use exploits in Fortnite in order to obtain an unfair advantage. Epic places a high level of importance on these initiatives, and the measures that it has taken to combat them serve as evidence of the significance it places on them.