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How to Defeat Megaera in Hades


In Hades, the very first enemy that the players are going to have to take on and defeat is going to be a creature known as Megaera the Fury. Meg is not an easy opponent, and it would appear that she has a very intense history with Zagreus, which suggests that she harbours hatred towards the God. Meg is not an easy opponent, and it would appear that she has a very passionate history with Zagreus. Meg is a challenging competitor to face. Players will need to become familiar with her attack patterns and be in a position to react appropriately whenever an opportunity to do so arises in order to have any chance of bringing her down. You will learn the tactic that is required to win against megaera in Hades if you continue reading this essay. So let’s get started:

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How to Defeat Megaera in Hades

How to Defeat Megaera in Hades

The first sector of Hades, known as Tartarus, is ruled over by the boss Megaera. Because to the fact that players go up against her so early in a run, it is safe to assume that they do not have too many boons or upgrades for Zagreus at this point. This may make the fight more difficult than it ought to be, particularly for those who are just starting out. To successfully beat her, you must first become familiar with the patterns of her attacks. The following is a list of the various methods of assault that Meg is capable of using:

  • Whip Swipe- Meg will charge the player and swing her whip in front of her in a sweeping arc as she does so. To evade this strike, players can make a quick dash to either the left or the right.
  • Shadow Bolts- Meg will take a stationary position and launch a barrage of gloomy projectiles either directly towards the player or in an arc around her. They don’t deal a lot of harm to the player on their own, but when they come together, they can significantly lower the player’s health. Gamers should either run and dash in order to evade all of Meg’s bolts, or if they have one of Artemis’ deflection boons, they should try to knock Meg’s bolts back towards themselves.
  • Shadow Flames-  Meg will cause several circles to appear on the ground, each of which will release a smoky flame into the air. As they spawn, players simply need to make a break for it and get out of the circles.
  • Enemy Spawning- As soon as Meg’s health falls below a specific threshold, she will produce additional foes for you to fight against. Gamers need to eliminate these obstacles and keep their attention focused on Meg.

How to Defeat Megaera in Hades

The most effective strategy for dealing with Megaera is to maintain a safe distance from her and to prioritize using attacks with a long range whenever you get the opportunity. The players should place a high priority on acquiring boons that boost their long-range attacks and dashing abilities that deal status effects. When she leaps at the player, they will be able to avoid her attack by dashing to the side and placing a Blade Rift or something else of a similar nature in front of her to cause damage. Possessing the ability to deflect her bolts is an excellent technique to send them flying back at her, dealing a significant amount of damage in the process. As long as the players continue to sidestep her blows and deflect her bolts, they will quickly be able to take Meg down and be able to go on to Asphodel.


What is the best weapon to defeat Meg in Hades?

Because it has such a broad and sweeping reach, Stygius is an especially useful tool for accomplishing this. The spear, known as Varatha, is also helpful. It is possible to swiftly spam the basic attack button towards Meg if you are standing close enough to her while holding it. This inflicts harm and causes the bullets to disintegrate before they can reach you (usually).

Can you befriend Meg in Hades?

In addition to having the opportunity to make friendly with Megaera, players also have the chance to deepen their connection with the Fury and even develop a romantic interest in her. To accomplish this, though, you will need to follow a series of particular actions, which, happily, those who are playing Hades won’t have too much issue doing as long as they collect sufficient amounts of nectar and ambrosia.

Is Meg hard to beat Hades?

Meg is not an easy adversary, and it appears that she has a very intense history with Zagreus, which suggests that she harbours resentment towards the God. Meg is a difficult opponent. In order for players to be successful in bringing her down, they will need to learn her attack patterns and be able to respond at every moment that presents itself.

Can I romance everyone in Hades?

There are some people in Hades who cannot be romanced despite the fact that you can give them nectar. You can provide nectar to practically all of the named characters in the game, but you can only pursue a romantic relationship with Dusa, Megaera, or Thanatos.

What happens if you ease off Megaera Hades?

If not, you have the option to select “Ease Off,” which will not affect the gameplay in any way. In addition, if you were successful in your romantic pursuits with Megaera as well (or vice versa), you may find that both of the NPCs show up in your room at random.

What Megara drops Hades?

Megaera will drop one Titan Blood once you defeat her using a new weapon for the first time. This event triggers whenever you use a different weapon to defeat Megaera. The first time you use a weapon to defeat Hades, he will also drop Titan Blood. This means that it is possible to obtain two Titan Bloods via boss drops within the course of a single run.