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How to Unlock Companions in Hades


Those who venture inside the realm of Hades will find themselves pitted against a wide variety of dangerous adversaries. The participants in the game are in luck because there are numerous ways to train for these battles. There are six unique weapons available to players, each of which confers a unique set of combat abilities. In addition, players have the opportunity to acquire boons from the Gods that reside in Hades. These boons will allow them to use a variety of skills against their foes. Individuals who give nectar to gods and other non-player characters (NPCs) will receive keepsakes in return, which will aid them in a variety of ways depending on the item. This guide will walk you through the process of gaining access to companions in Hades. So let’s get started:

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How to Unlock Companions in Hades

A player’s Companion will stand in for their Keepsake during a run, and the only place they may be swapped out is at the display case. With each of these artefacts, players of Hades will be able to call forth the character who originally bestowed that item upon them. The player will then receive assistance from that individual in some fashion. Players need to keep in mind that they can only employ their Companions once every encounter, that they have a limited number of uses per run, and that some Partners cannot be used in certain regions.

For instance, since Hades is technically the boss of almost all of these characters, most of these Companions are useless against him and cannot be utilised against him. Also, if players wish to be able to use their companion more frequently throughout each run, all they have to do is level up their friend with Ambrosia. This will grant them the ability to utilise their companion more frequently. They will be able to use the Companion an additional time for each level, up to a maximum of five times. The following is a list of all of the available Companions, along with the actions that are required to obtain them:

How to Unlock Companions in Hades

Battie (Megaera)-

The very first thing that the players will have to accomplish is present Meg with five different bottles of nectar as a gift. After they have done this, players will no longer be allowed to give her any other gifts until they have satisfied her favour. To their relief, the only thing that is required of them is to keep playing the game up until the point where Meg unexpectedly enters Zagreus’ room. After this fight, the players will be able to give Meg a bottle of Ambrosia as a present, and she will give them Battie in return.

Meg will materialise in front of Zagreus when you activate Battie, dealing damage to any opponents that are in his line of sight. She will basically drop a small area of attack circles identical to those used against the monster, and each one will deal 2500 damage to her. One of this companion’s drawbacks is that it cannot be utilised against any of the Furies or Hades. Neither of those two foes can be affected by its effects.

Antos (Achilles)- 

Achilles will vanish for a brief period of time after the players have gifted him with six bottles of nectar. After that, the player will be tasked with locating Achilles’ ex-lover Patroclus in Elysium and having a conversation with him. Patroclus will instruct the player to deliver a message to Achilles, which will cause the warrior to petition Hades for a modification to the agreement he has made with him. The players will next be required to pay the contractor a total of seven diamonds in order to change the terms of the pact and make it possible for Achilles to visit Patroclus. After then, players will be able to earn Antos by presenting him with Ambrosia as a gift.

After the players have used Antos, it will then call for Achilles and Patroclus to assist the Zagreus. They will attack two enemies at random, doing 1500 damage to each of those enemies. The only limitation that applies to this Companion is that it cannot be employed in battle against Hades.

Fidi (Dusa)-

Before Dusa’s favour can be completed, the players will need to present her with a total of six bottles of nectar. This favour will need her to catch up on the renovations that she had been working on for the Lounge. The Lounge will require the players to accomplish a total of twelve different improvements. It’s possible that one of these is a new rug, while the other is being used to remove the scratches and fur left behind by Cerberus. After this has been accomplished, gamers will be able to receive Fidi by giving Dusa some Ambrosia as a present.

When the player activates Fidi, they will have the ability to call upon Dusa to assist them in battle. Dusa’s attacks will stun foes for 15 seconds and cause 70 damage each. At this time, she will fire shots at them. It is not possible to employ this Companion in battle against Hades.

How to Unlock Companions in Hades

Shady (Sisyphus)-

Players will need to provide Sisyphus with a total of five bottles of nectar in order to complete this one, despite the fact that it takes a while to run across Sisyphus enough times to be able to give him nectar as a gift. After everything is finished, Sisyphus will urge Zagreus to find a way to reduce the amount of time he must spend in Tartarus. After then, all that is required of the players to do to finish the favour is to pay the contractor seven diamonds and buy the equipment called “Knave King’s Sentence.” After that, the player can earn Points by giving Sisyphus some Ambrosia in order to level up.

Activating Shady will cause Sisyphus and the enormous boulder he is carrying to fall from the heavens. The boulder will be slammed into the ground by Sisyphus, dealing a total of one thousand damage in a wide arc. In addition to that, he will leave behind a care package for the player that contains goodies such as Obols, Darkness, and Health. Because the location of where Shady can be utilised is not restricted in any way, players are free to use it to attack Hades if they so choose.

Rib (Skelly)-

In order to gain Skelly’s favour, players will have to present him with a total of five bottles of nectar as a gift. But, there are some prerequisites to meet. In addition to this, players will need to have all three of their individual weapon aspects unlocked. This means that players will be need to acquire some Titan Blood and unlock additional aspects, but after you have done so, Skelly will request that you murder him using the level-5 Zagreus Aspect Stygian Blade. The players will need to acquire five more Titan Blood in order to bring the level of the weapon up to its maximum potential. After that, they will need to slay Skelly in order to release him from the terms of his contract. After that, the player can give the skeleton some Ambrosia as a gift in order to gain Rib.

If a player uses Rib, they will be able to call Skelly to assist them in combat. Players are free to assault without interference when Skelly is used as a distraction to draw opponent attention and discharge their weapons. Skelly will stay called until he is defeated or the players leave the chamber, whichever comes first. The only limitation on the employment of Rib is that it cannot be done so when engaging in combat with Charon (which is a secret boss fight anyway).

Mort (Thanatos)- 

The final Companion can be acquired after first presenting Thanatos, the God of Death, with a total of six bottles of nectar as a gift. Regardless of whether or not the player is aware of it, this will result in him showing favour towards the player. The only thing left for them to do is wait until they locate Thanatos once more outside the Underworld and dispatch of a greater number of foes than he can. This will cause them to have a brief discussion regarding Zagreus’ power, after which the player will be able to give Thanatos some Ambrosia and gain Mort. The discussion will focus on Zagreus’ might.

When you utilize Mort, Thanatos will make an appearance on the battlefield and use the same area-of-effect assault against enemies that he uses while you are engaged in combat with him. Any foes that are unfortunate enough to be encircled by the enormous circle and take damage from this strike will have their health reduced by 3500. However, this Companion is subject to a number of limitations, the most significant of which is that it cannot be employed against Thanatos himself or against Hades at the conclusion of the game.


What is the easiest companion to get in Hades?

The most straightforward approach is undoubtedly Dusa. If you offer her nectars and embellish the seating area with gems, she will eventually come around. Feed npcs ambrosia if they express a desire for it. Particularly if you have completed all of their individual tasks.

How do you unlock Achilles companion Hades?

You can acquire the companion Antos by first building up a high level of confidence with Achilles and then presenting him with Ambrosia as a gift. This also requires a full level of trust with Patroclus, which can be earned by giving him a total of six different nectars, but it is not required that you also give him Ambrosia. When you use Antos in combat, Achilles and Patroclus will appear to provide you their assistance.

How many Companions can you have Hades?

six companions
It takes a total of ten Ambrosia to fully upgrade a buddy, which allows you to raise the number of summons it is capable of doing to five. Companions in Hades can only be equipped in the courtyard, in contrast to Keepsakes, which can be switched out in the middle of a run. In addition, you can only utilise them once in each chamber. In total, there are six travelling partners.

Who can I romance in Hades?

You can provide nectar to practically all of the named characters in the game, but you can only pursue a romantic relationship with Dusa, Megaera, or Thanatos.

How do you get Skelly’s companion in Hades?

You can get a Companion Rib by first building up a high level of trust with Skelly and then presenting him with a gift of Ambrosia. When you use Rib in combat, Skelly will appear to lend you a hand. He will suddenly appear and start shouting at the enemies in the vicinity, diverting their focus away from you while also drawing their assaults. He is able to withstand friendly fire.

What happens when you max out affinity Hades?

The affection metre for Hades can only be filled to its maximum of five hearts, meaning that a total of five nectar must be presented. Hades will return all five Nectar that were previously gifted to the player once the fifth Nectar has been given as a gift and the bond has been created.