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How to Delete Favorites From the iPhone


The majority of your iOS devices already have a Favorites list for you to use with your contacts pre-installed. If you mark a contact as a favourite in your address book, you will be able to instantly reach out to them by FaceTime, phone call, iMessage, or SMS text message, rather than having to scroll through your address book incessantly. The Favorites list may be accessed through the Phone app on your iPhone, and it is very simple to remove contacts from that particular list. The procedure is as follows.

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How to Delete Favorites From the iPhone

When using the Phone app, follow these steps to remove a contact from the Favorites screen:

1. Select the Phone application from the menu.

How to Delete Favorites From the iPhone

2. Tap Favorites.

How to Delete Favorites From the iPhone

3. Tap Edit.

How to Delete Favorites From the iPhone

4. Next to each favourite in the list is a circle icon in the colour red that has a negative sign inside of it. To remove a Favorite from your list, select it and then tap the red icon that appears next to it.

How to Delete Favorites From the iPhone

5. To delete a contact from your favourites, you can do so by tapping the Delete button that displays to the right of the contact.

How to Delete Favorites From the iPhone

6. The recently revised list of Favorites is displayed.

This action will just remove the Favorite. The contact will still be in your address book after this process is complete. There is no loss of the contact information.


How do I delete favorites on Safari?

After selecting Bookmarks from the drop-down option that shows when you click the Sidebar icon located in the toolbar of the Safari application on your Mac, you can now add bookmarks. After making sure the bookmark is selected with control clicking, click the Delete button.

Why can’t I delete a bookmark on my iPhone?

If you want to test if that makes a difference, you should restart your iPhone. It’s possible that restarting your device will fix the strange behaviour you’ve been experiencing. If you are still unable to delete the icon off your Home screen, navigate to Settings > General > iPhone Storage and check to see if the application is still listed there. Tap the app, then tap the “Delete App” button if it is present.

How does favorites work on iPhone?

The people you call the most frequently are referred to as “favourites” in iPhone parlance. The Favorites list on the iPhone can be personalised to suit your tastes. After that, you can call the individual by just tapping their name in the Favorites section of your iPhone. There is no limit to the number of favourites that can be saved for a single user.

Where are iPhone favorites saved?

You can save bookmarks in Safari on your iPhone, just like you can in any other web browser, for websites that you wish to visit again later. After being bookmarked, these pages can be accessed at a later time by selecting the Bookmark button located at the very bottom of the Safari screen.

What is the difference between favorites and Bookmarks?

You can decide to add it to either your “favourites” or your “bookmarks,” but this will depend on the Web browser that you are using. In spite of the fact that they go by different names, bookmarks and favourites are essentially the same thing. The name given to this function is totally determined by the user’s browser.