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How to Use Apple Pencil in Apple Pages


Even while it is often regarded as the best stylus that money can buy, the Apple Pencil is not perfect and does have a few drawbacks. Pages is the word processor that comes preinstalled on the iPad Pro. We’ve recently started using the Apple Pencil with Pages, and although we like some of the capabilities, we miss others that aren’t available.

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How to Use Apple Pencil in Apple Pages

To begin, let’s get one thing out of the way: the Apple Pencil has an extremely natural and smooth relationship with Pages. This is something that should be clear right away. There is not a single menu that can be altered in any way that you like. You may test the compatibility of your Apple Pencil with the contents of a document by tapping anywhere on the page. If it works correctly, you will see that the document.

1: Use the Apple Pencil

How to Use Apple Pencil in Apple Pages

By tapping the surface and maintaining pressure on it, Apple Pencil can be used in any location on the page. You are free to draw anywhere you choose on the page, as long as it is in the space that has been allotted for drawing. If you have Select and Scroll turned on, you can use your finger by hitting the Insert button, then tapping the Media button, and finally tapping the Drawing tab. Alternatively, you can use your finger by tapping the Insert button, then tapping the Media button, and finally tapping the Drawing tab.

2: Tap one of the four drawing tools at the bottom of the screen

How to Use Apple Pencil in Apple Pages

To adjust the size and transparency of a stroke, double-tap a drawing tool, and then select a different size. You will have the ability to alter the width of your strokes as a result of doing this. You can also change the opacity by using the slider that is situated to the right of the text box. In addition to that, you may choose to draw it using any number of different hues that you like.

3: Resize and move your drawing

After you have added the drawing to the document, you will be given the ability to change its size as well as move it to a different location. First, choose the sketch by tapping it with your finger to make it active, and then adjust the proportions of the box by dragging its handles. To select an area, first tap the sketch with your finger to make a selection, and then drag the area that was chosen.

4: Erase

If you want to delete something, tap the eraser once, and then hit it again to choose amongst the several erasers that are accessible. To erase pixels from an image, first select the Pixel Eraser tool from the toolbox, and then tap or drag anywhere on the pattern to remove them. To eliminate the fill of a stroke or object, first tap the Object Eraser, then tap the stroke or object whose fill you want to delete.


Why does my Apple Pencil not work in Pages?

The Apple Pencil configuration in Pages is specific to that application only. If you modify the option in one document, it will be applied to all other documents in Pages. However, it will not have any effect on other programmes, such as Keynote and Numbers. Select and Scroll can be activated by tapping the Apple Pencil icon, which might be hidden unless you scroll down.

Why won’t my Apple Pencil write on my iPad?

It’s possible that all your Apple Pencil needs is a charge to get it back up and running. If you have already charged your Apple Pencil and it is still not functioning properly, you can try resetting the connection between it and your iPad and then pairing it again. In addition to this, you need to check to see if your iPad and Apple Pencil are compatible with one another.

How do you draw a freehand in Apple Pages?

You are able to make your own forms using freehand. Simply creating the initial point of the custom shape requires you to click anywhere on the page. Position the pointer where you want it, then click to add another point; you can keep doing this as many times as you like. You need to click, then drag, and finally click once more to finish creating the segment with the curve.

Does Pages have a drawing tool?

On both the iPhone and the iPad, a Pages document supports the addition of drawings. When you open the document again in Pages for Mac at a later time, you will have the option to animate the drawing, save it to Photos as an image file or movie file, or share it with other people.