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How to Deploy a Scanner in the Vault in Fortnite


As you are all aware, new vaults have been included in the game of Fortnite with the new season’s release. Although humans and lasers guard them, these vaults are a lot of fun to break into because of how well-defended they are. Fortnite players who complete the task of deploying a Scanner in the Vault will earn 25,000 experience points for their efforts. This mission can be accomplished in any of the vaults that have recently been added to the game. Heists are the focus of Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 4, and you’ll need to carry off a heist to complete this quest.

Although the objective instructs players to deploy a scanner, there is no requirement for anything particularly unique before initiating the theft. This post will walk you through the steps necessary to set up a scanner inside the vault in Fortnite:

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How to Deploy a Scanner in the Vault in Fortnite

1. To begin, enter the Relentless Retreat Point of Interest (POI) and land on the ground level.

How to Deploy a Scanner in the Vault in Fortnite

2. Enter the building and proceed straight down the steps.

3. On your way to the basement, remove the AI guards and turrets or break it as quickly as possible.

How to Deploy a Scanner in the Vault in Fortnite

4. A security officer dressed in white will be waiting for you on the ground floor, just before a laser tripwire grid. This will be the lone AI that needs to be destroyed for you to gain entry to the vault.

How to Deploy a Scanner in the Vault in Fortnite

5. After successfully eliminating the guard, return and take his Retreat Vault Keycard. You will need an empty weapon slot to do so.

6. Then, navigate the laser tripwires cautiously; alternatively, you can dash through them and use your Harvesting Tool to demolish the Security Gate that will drop when you trigger one of the laser tripwires.

How to Deploy a Scanner in the Vault in Fortnite

7. To access the Relentless Retreat vault, insert the Keycard into the terminal up ahead. The door won’t open for a few seconds. Please be patient.

8. After that, interact with the white outline of a scanner in the middle of the room to activate a  scanner within the vault.

9. That is the simplest way to put it! Now, hurry up take the Mythic weapon of your choice and get out of there!

The good news is that another player can access the vault for you, and the quest will still be open for you to finish even after they do so. If you wait until later in the game, when fewer players compete for the vault, you might have a better chance of completing this mission.


How do you open the vault quest in fortnite?

In order to access the contents of a vault, you will need to acquire a Vault Keycard, which can be found as loot when a Fortnite Highcard Boss has been vanquished. Those bosses conveniently spawn adjacent to the vaults, which means that you won’t have to travel too far to find them.

What’s inside the vault in Fortnite?

As soon as you have the Vault Keycard in your possession, you will be able to head on over to the neighboring vault, which will include a broad selection of items, including high-level weaponry, items that restore health, and more. If for any reason you are unable to locate the vault, you need only equip the keycard, and the game will tell you where to go.

Where is Highcard in Fortnite?

MEGA City, Brutal Bastion, and Shattered Slabs are the three locations you can look for Highcard in. However, another thing that sets the Highcard Boss apart from other bosses is the fact that he appears in the middle of the match rather than directly at the beginning. As soon as the second Storm Circle begins to take shape, Highcard and the other members of the Wild Card Suit’s henchmen will go through a Rift to the Island.

How do you match flames in Fortnite?

In order to progress through the temple, players will need to identify braziers that are placed in identical spots on other floors. Then, in order to match the braziers in the hidden chamber to their equivalents, they must either put out the flames on the braziers or light them.

Why did Fortnite vault the hammers?

The contentious hammer that was recently removed from Fortnite has received positive feedback from players. The Shockwave Hammer has been temporarily removed from Fortnite after it was revealed by the developers that it was the cause of a game-breaking issue as well as several other errors within the game.

What is a two key chest in Fortnite?

Some Holo-Chests are “Two-Lock” Chests, and in order to access them, you need to use two different Holo-Keys. The high cost of opening Two-Lock Chests is due to the fact that these chests always contain loot of an Exotic tier. As long as you are carrying two Holo-Keys, all you need to do to put both of them into a Two-Lock Chest is walk up to it, interact with it twice, and then go to the next step.