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How to Find and Rescue Sapling Groot in Fortnite


The fourth season of Fortnite is now underway, and it will feature a Marvel-centric storyline for its Battle Pass and many different player challenges. These tasks frequently have a theme based on one of the many Marvel heroes or villains, such as everyone’s favorite talking plant from Guardians of the Galaxy: Groot. Players can earn cosmetic items by completing these challenges; the rewards include those themes. After you have unlocked Groot in your battle pass, a new challenge will become available, which will need you to locate and save this heroic tree sapling. This is only the first of three Groot-related challenges you will need to do if you want to unlock the full-sized hero for yourself, and it may not be as simple as it appears to be if you want to get the full-sized hero unlocked. The challenge itself will tell you where to go, but because so much has changed on the Fortnite map, it’s possible that you won’t be able to pinpoint exactly where to go or what you should be looking for once you get there. This guide will explain to you how to save Sapling Groot in Fortnite by providing the following information:

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How to Find and Rescue Sapling Groot in Fortnite

To save Sapling Groot, the task will instruct you to report to Holly Hedges Nursery immediately. As you might have suspected, the Holly Hedges Nursery can be found inside the Holly Hedges location, which is located on the Western side of the map. The gardening sector of this region is known as the Holly Hedges Nursery, which is something that you probably did not know prior to participating in this challenge.

How to Find and Rescue Sapling Groot in Fortnite

When you first enter Holly Hedges, you shouldn’t have trouble locating the gardening center roughly in the middle of this map section. The space has shelves, potted plants, and various gardening implements, but Sapling Groot remains there. Because he is still only a sprout, it can be difficult to find him if you aren’t looking in the right places, especially because he can blend in so well with the other plants and greens in the area.

You need to find three enormous potted plants with lots of foliage sitting on the concrete. Once you’ve found the correct area, take a careful look between the pots, and you should be able to detect a little Sapling Groot moving around and grooving while it waits to be saved. Engage in conversation with him to accomplish the assignment.

How to Find and Rescue Sapling Groot in Fortnite

You will not only move forward in unlocking Groot so that you can play as him, but you will also receive the adorable Sapling Groot back bling to add to your character.


Why does my sapling disappear in Fortnite?

To put it another way, it vanishes as it reaches the end of its life cycle of yielding fruit. The final harvest of fruit will be produced by the Sapling when it reaches the Mythic stage of the tier cycle. When the plunder has been collected, it is gone forever. Reality Saplings can be grown from Reality Seeds if you plant them.

Is Groot a Fortnite skin?

The Groot skin was made available to players on August 27, 2020, in Chapter 2 of Season 4. This item is rare for its Marvel Series counterpart and is only available in the Groot collection. In order to acquire this item, users must first advance their Nexus War BP level to 38.

How many saplings can you grow in fortnite?

You are only allowed a single Reality Sapling that is still living at any given time. If you plant another Reality Seed, the Reality Sapling that you already have will be transported to the location of the seed that you just planted. When the life cycle of a Reality Sapling comes to an end, the Reality Sapling will wither away, leaving behind a Reality Seed.

How many V Bucks is Thanos?

Thanos is a store outfit that is only accessible when it is part of the daily rotation and can be purchased at any time. It will set you back 1,500 V-Bucks. Ant-Man is a store costume that is only accessible when it is part of the daily rotation and may only be purchased then.

What is the most damage in Fortnite?

Take a look down the sights of the Legendary Heavy Sniper and see what you can see. This ultra-rare weapon deals 157 points of damage every shot, making it the one that delivers the most punch per bullet. However, because the reload is so slow, you’ll want to make sure that your first shot counts.