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How to Disable or Turn Off Cellular Data on Your Android


You may not need to rely on cellular data on a constant basis if you have access to Wi-Fi in your house, in your place of employment, and in a significant number of public places in between. But, if you are somewhere that does not have access to a Wi-Fi network, you may find that you go through a significant amount of data from your cellular plan very quickly, particularly if you are streaming video. There are a few different approaches you can take to rein in your data use, giving you greater control over how much of your monthly data allowance is consumed by your cellular service provider. For the purpose of turning off data, for instance, the Android phone you have gives you a single button. You also have the option to go to aeroplane mode. Instead, for more precise management, you can disable data for certain apps. This article will walk you through the steps necessary to disable cellular data on an Android device. So let’s get started:

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How to Disable or Turn Off Cellular Data on Your Android

By using the data setting:

The data setting on the control panel of most Android phones is where you’ll find the option to turn off cellular data service. This is the quickest way to do it.

1. To access the phone’s control panel, drag your finger down from the screen’s topmost position. Slide down one more to reveal more buttons that provide instant access.

2. Tap “Mobile data.”

How to Disable or Turn Off Cellular Data on Your Android

Once you turn off this feature, your phone will no longer use mobile data until you switch it back on.

For specific apps:

The names of the various options may be somewhat altered from one device to another and from one version of the Android operating system to another.

1. Launch the app for configuring settings.

2. After selecting “Wireless & networks,” navigate to the “Data use” option.

3. Choose “Network access” from the menu.

4. In the list of programmes, de-select the checkboxes next to any applications whose use of cellular data you do not want to allow.

How to Disable or Turn Off Cellular Data on Your Android


What is cellular data on Android?

While you are not connected to WiFi, you can connect to the Internet using mobile data, which is often referred to as “wireless” or “cellular” data. Some mobile users have monthly mobile data plans that provide them with an unlimited amount of data, while others have fixed amounts of data each month or even pay for blocks of data as they use them.

Should I turn off cellular data on my phone?

If you leave the mobile data on, it will use up your battery far faster than if it was turned off. There are several explanations for why this takes place. To begin, whenever you are not using your phone, it will continue to look for a signal. Things are only going to become worse if you are in an area with a very bad signal because your phone will use more battery life while hunting for a connection.

Is cellular data necessary?

If you want to access the internet while you’re on the move, cellular data is an immensely handy tool. If your Wi-Fi connection is weak or if you are concerned about the safety of a Wi-Fi network, you should switch to using your device’s cellular data connection instead.

Why is my phone using cellular data?

Even if it is linked to the Wi-Fi network, your phone will switch to the mobile network if it detects that the Wi-Fi network is experiencing stuttering. This means that even while it is connected to the Wi-Fi network, your phone will still consume mobile data. You can turn off Wi-Fi+ by going to the Settings menu, searching for Wi-Fi+, accessing it, and then turning it off.

Does Wi-Fi use cellular data?

You can connect to the Internet using a Wi-Fi connection even if you do not have any cellular data on your device. You can download films, TV series, or movies to your phone or SD card while connected to Wi-Fi, and then watch them whenever and wherever you choose without incurring any additional data charges.