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How to Do Finisher Moves in Destiny 2


In Destiny 2, mastering a finisher move is absolutely necessary if you want to give off an air of refined sophistication. Finishers are a new type of powerful attack that were introduced in Shadowkeep. If all of the requirements for using a finisher have been satisfied, it will instantly kill an opponent. It would benefit any player to learn how to execute at least one of these manoeuvres if they are interested in giving their kills a bit more of a showy flourish.

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How to Do Finisher Moves in Destiny 2

How to Do Finisher Moves in Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, a finisher attack can only be used on foes that have a low amount of health remaining. This indicates that in order to really execute a finisher move, you will first need to deliver damage to an opponent, bringing their health down to an extremely low level.

When the health of an opponent has been reduced to a certain point, a unique icon will display above their head. If you see this indicator, it means that you have the ability to complete a finisher. Get in close to the foe, and then, depending on the platform you’re using, click the button that’s designated for that action:

  • PC/Steam: Q key
  • Click the right thumbstick button on the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4.

How to Do Finisher Moves in Destiny 2

If everything is set up correctly, you should be able to watch your Guardian carry off a unique takedown that is tailored to your character’s class. This can be repeated as many times as you like in the shortest amount of time feasible. A large number of Thrall or Acolytes that are in poor health nearby? Put together a series of manoeuvres that can be used as finishes.

It is not entirely obvious at this time if there is an advantage to completing a finisher manoeuvre or not. It would appear that you do not acquire any additional supers, and it is possible that your character will not be immune to damage when using a super, so you should be careful. It goes without saying that killing an Ogre with a good old-fashioned palm slap is a very cool thing to do.


What’s a finisher in Destiny 2?

Finishers are a type of melee combat mechanism in Destiny 2 that allow you to eliminate certain foes if their health bar is low enough to trigger the ability. As soon as an adversary begins to glow, a prompt will emerge above their heads, directing you to carry out the necessary action in order to defeat them.

What’s the fastest finisher in Destiny 2?

The golden gun one for the hunter is the easiest to kill, but it has a lengthy animation following, in contrast to the majority of the others, which have a lengthier lead up, but you quickly regain control thereafter. Yes, it does appear to be a transition that is both quicker and smoother than the moth kiss finisher from the previous season.

What is charged with light destiny?

You can shape the benefits that are granted by the buff Charged with Light such that they correspond to the armour modifications that you currently have equipped. The potential benefits of this perk include an increase of 20% in weapon damage, a resistance to damage of 50% once your shields are broken, the ability to manufacture Special ammunition that deals Void damage, and a great deal more.

What are the hive in Destiny 2?

The Hive are a race that are impossible to date back far enough to have fought against humans during their Golden Age. Their most notable home is the Moon, where they have carved out a kingdom for themselves by burrowing deep inside the planet’s sterile interior.

How do you unlock finishers in Destiny 2?

At the moment, there are two options available to you for doing this: Buy Finishers from Tess Everis at the Eververse Store — Tess Everis is present in the Eververse store, and in exchange for silver, she is selling finishers to customers. Finishers are unlocked for you when you level up your Season of the Undying Season pass, which is one of the benefits of using this pass.