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How To Duet A TikTok


If you use TikTok, you’ve undoubtedly seen videos that seem to have a split-screen effect at some point. This kind of performance is referred to as a duet, and the platform includes it as one of the things that it provides. You may perform a duet on TikTok in a variety of different ways, such as responding to videos posted on the platform by other users or possibly generating hilarious conversations with your peers.
Everything you need to know about duets is included in this guide, including instructions on how to add effects like as your own sound or a voiceover.

What is a TikTok duet?

You are able to submit a video on TikTok with another TikTok thanks to the app’s duet function.
Consequently, the duet function enables you to offer context to your own TikTok video when you are, for instance, reacting to or replying to the TikTok video of another user.

How To Duet On TikTok

  • Tap the share button, which is situated on the right side of the screen, when you have selected the video that you want to duet.

  • Select Duet.

  • To begin recording your video, you will need to tap the red button that is located at the bottom of the screen. The one that belongs to the other person will be on the right, while the one that belongs to you will be on the left.

  • Tap the checkmark that’s located to the right of the recording icon when you’re ready to stop recording.
  • You should play through your duet a few times to ensure that it is up to your standards, after which you should apply any stickers or effects that you feel are appropriate, and then you should publish it just as you would any other TikTok video.
  • To proceed, tap Next.

  • If you want to, you may adjust the parameters of the TikTok (for instance, you can disable comments or let other people Duet or Stitch your TikTok), and you can also add the caption that you want to use.

  • Tap Post.

How to duet on TikTok with sound

  • Tap the share button, which is situated on the right side of the screen, when you have selected the video that you want to duet.
  • Select Duet.
  • Select the Microphone button, which may be found on the right side of the display. This will activate your sound system.

  • To start recording, tap and keep your finger on the red button at the bottom of the screen. When you are finished, you may let go of the button.
  • Tap the checkbox in the red box.
  • After bringing up further choices by tapping the down arrow on the right side of the screen, pick the Volume option.

  • Once the volume of the Added Sound has been reduced to zero, hit the Done button.

  • Tap the Next button after you have added any more filters or effects that you wish.
  • You should add your caption and adjust the settings, if you so want. Then hit the Post button.

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Because TikTok doesn’t offer a duet option, I’m stumped.

If TikTok displays under Updates, look for it there and click the Update button. Open the app again and attempt to sing a duet once you have updated the programme. You may also put “TikTok” into the search bar. The App Store or Google Play Store will notify you if an update is available.

How long can you do a Duet on a TikTok?

Another limitation is that the original video must be no longer than 15 seconds. So you can’t use Duet with videos that are less than a minute long. The original video’s audio can’t be changed or replaced; you can only enhance it.

What is TikTok’s “duo” feature?

TikTok’s Duet feature allows you to shoot a video that mimics another person’s TikTok video. Your freshly recorded video (yours) may be seen on the left side of a Duet. The original video is shown on the right. Both videos are now playing in sync.