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How To Enable FPS In Overwatch 2


It is essential for competitive multiplayer shooter games like Overwatch 2 to have more frames per second (FPS). However, much like the launch of any other live-service video game, Overwatch 2’s launch was a complete nightmare. Players got stranded in long waiting lineups, they received server failures, some users initiated DDoS assaults on the game servers, Skins and Cosmetics were not loading, and there were additional glitches that made the initial experience fairly unpleasant. Players got stuck in long waiting queues. While many of these problems are beyond our ability to resolve, we can provide guidance on how to improve the frame rate in Overwatch 2. So let’s get started:

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How To Enable FPS In Overwatch 2

In order to activate the FPS Counter in Overwatch:

How To Enable FPS In Overwatch 2

  • Proceed to the primary menu of the game.
  • Proceed forward into the menu that contains the options and settings.
  • After you have completed those steps, navigate to the “Video” section, and after that, click the “Detail” button.
  • When you get there, you will see a button labelled “Display Performance Stats.” Toggle the switch.
  • In that location, you’ll see an icon that looks like a plus sign (‘+’), and clicking on that will cause the menu to expand.

How To Enable FPS In Overwatch 2

  • The show must go on. The framerate from that location.

Additionally, there are additional stats that you may display while you are playing the game; we recommend that you browse around, determine which ones are relevant to you, and then activate all of them. In addition to the FPS, you can show the following:

  • GPU Temperature
  • VRAM Usage
  • Latencies in the Network
  • Interpolation Delay in the Network

If you enable all of the settings that you have selected, the statistics will be displayed on the top left of the screen. For my own gameplay, I have both FPS and Network Latency turned on. It is helpful to be aware of the performance of both your own computer and the internet.