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How to Equip Dive Trail in Apex Legends


Apex Legends gives players a broad array of options for aesthetic customization, which they can use to personalize their Legends, weaponry, banners, and a variety of other items in the game. You will initially parachute into the arena at the start of each round of the battle royale mode, but you have the option to change the way in which you enter the arena at any time. This is a very helpful feature. Studying the material provided in this post will give you the knowledge necessary to equip the diving trail in Apex Legends. So let’s get started:

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How to Equip Dive Trail in Apex Legends

To begin, it is vital to remember that diving trails cannot be earned by the conventional ways of the game, such as by completing challenges or purchasing the Battle Pass. This is one of the most important things to remember when playing the game. Players who have reached a certain degree of success in the battle royale’s Ranked Mode will be the only ones who can unlock new dive paths in the game.

How to Equip Dive Trail in Apex Legends

There is a barrier in front of which unique dive trails that can be employed while entering matches are locked away. Players who have reached the Diamond and Predator ranks are the only ones who can unlock this barrier. Despite this, all players, regardless of rank, will have the opportunity to acquire seasonal-themed pistol charms and Badges as they move through the game. These honours’ winners have demonstrated that they have performed to the highest possible level for that particular season.

You can personalize your game by navigating to the main lobby area, selecting the Loadout tab, and then selecting Game Customization at the bottom of the page if you have finished a dive path and are ready to do so. Afterwards, go to the Skydive Trails tab to see which of them you have already earned and switch between them. You can also check which of them you are currently working on.

How to Equip Dive Trail in Apex Legends


Do you keep skydive trails in Apex?

Because those awards are permanent and won’t be removed when a new season begins, players who earned any skydive trail in Ranked Series one or two will have more alternatives to pick from in the future. The options available to everyone else are restricted to the trail from the previous season and the trail that is set as the default.

Why do I not have my dive trail in Apex?

You will be able to access a Dive Trail after a season of ranked play if you have achieved Diamond or higher in the tiers of play available. On the other hand, the brand new Dive Trail will not come pre-equipped by default. You are responsible for doing so on your own, and you can access this portion of the main menu by selecting Loadout.

What color is the dive trail in Apex Legends?

Players who have achieved the Diamond Rank will receive a trail that is blue and has an almost electrical appearance. Purple skydive trails are awarded to players who have reached the Masters Rank in the game. At long last, players who have climbed all the way to the top tier of the Apex Predator tier will be able to flaunt an intimidatingly blood-red skydiving trail.

Do apex dive trails expire?

For instance, if you place Apex Predator in Ranked Series 3, you will have access to the Apex Predator dive trail for the entirety of Series 4, after which it will be withdrawn. If you do not place Apex Predator in Ranked Series 3, you will not have access to the dive trail at all. Players who achieved any diving trail during Series 1 or Series 2 will have their trails grandfathered in and be able to keep them permanently.

What color is rare in Apex Legends?

Rare objects are denoted by the color blue, and they can be discovered in Apex Packs and in loot sites on the map that are ranked in the middle tier. The final two tiers, Epic and Legendary, are denoted by the colors purple and gold, respectively, and are the highest quality of things that may be acquired through the course of the game.

What is the most popular skin in Apex?

The Bloodhound, also known as the Majestic Tracker

Bloodhound, a technological tracker, was one of the initial launch characters for Apex Legends, and he continues to be a popular choice for players today. They have a huge selection of unique skins, including one of the few Mythic Prestige skins currently available.