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Apex Legends

How to Open APEX Packs in Apex Legends


Apex Legends, a brand-new battle royale shooter developed by Respawn Entertainment and available for free to play, has just been made available to the public. The in-game microtransactions are geared more toward the customization of the player’s appearance than they are toward the enhancement of gameplay. You can either buy Apex Packs from the in-game store or earn them as a reward for reaching certain level milestones in the game. Apex Packs are a type of loot box. In the game Apex Legends, the process of opening an APEX Pack will be broken down into several steps that are detailed in this article. So let’s get started:

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How to Open APEX Packs in Apex Legends

The in-game menu is where you go to crack open APEX Packs. No matter how you acquire them, the ones you get are automatically added to your account and displayed on the store page when you visit that page. You will receive a variety of other rewards, including heirlooms on occasion, as you progress through the game by opening APEX Packs.

1. On the starter screen, after signing into your APEX account, click the Continue button.

2. To access the store, select the STORE tab located at the very top of the screen.

How to Open APEX Packs in Apex Legends

3. Once the Store Loads, select the APEX PACKS tab that is located below that.

4. To purchase additional Apex Packs, select the button that reads “X PACKS REMAINING.” It will make that clear to you if you do not have any. Just above this button, there is a purchase option for APEX Packs that can be made using APEX Coin. After you have selected the appropriate button, an animation will begin that will open the pack and reveal what you have been given, including any Heirloom Shards that may have been included.

How to Open APEX Packs in Apex Legends

5. If you want to open your next pack, you need to click the button that is located below your drops and says X APEX PACKS REMAINING. Otherwise, hit ESC.

How to Open APEX Packs in Apex Legends

Once all of your packs have been used up, you won’t be able to continue trying your luck at getting Heirloom Shards until you have obtained more packs. However, according to some players, getting an Heirloom or Shards can take years of consistent gameplay and purchasing APEX Packs before it finally happens.


How does Apex packs work?

In Apex Legends, Apex Packs serve the same purpose as a regular Loot Box would. However, you will never obtain any items from them that can change the way the game is played. When it comes to their contents, the Apex Packs are entirely superficial.

How many Apex Packs do you need to unlock everything?

A total of 199 Apex Packs, which are related to Player Level rewards, are now available for players to earn at the following cadence: From level 2 to level 20, you receive one pack at each level (19 Apex Packs total) Between levels 22 and 300, you will receive one pack every two levels (140 Apex Packs total)

How many Apex Packs can you hold?

Apex Legends features a system that will prevent you from ever receiving any Heirloom Shards or opening an infinite number of packs. This feature was developed by Respawn to ensure that it will never happen. It follows that a player cannot crack more than 500 packs before receiving them (unless they already own all the Heirloom sets).

What happens when you open 500 Apex packs?

There is no in-game metric that keeps track of the total number of packs that you have opened throughout the course of your time spent playing Apex Legends; however, players are guaranteed one set of Heirloom Shards for every 500 non-event Apex packs they open.

What is the highest FPS in Apex?

144 FPS
If you are playing Apex Legends on a personal computer (PC), you may have noticed that the frame rate is capped at 144, despite the fact that the vast majority of PCs are capable of pushing out significantly more. Even when the graphics settings are turned up to their highest levels, many modern middle-range and high-end GPUs are able to run the game at frame rates that are significantly higher than 144 FPS.