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How to Equip Items to Pouch in Elden Ring


Elden Ring’s Pouch is a feature that players will find to be rather helpful, since it allows them to have speedy access to four things of their choosing. However, the process by which objects are added to a Pouch is not explained particularly well inside the game, and some players may even be confused about how to make use of their Pouch items once they have been equipped.

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How to Equip Items to Pouch in Elden Ring

How to Equip Items to Pouch in Elden Ring

To bring up the menu and select an item to assign to a pouch slot, you must first press the Start button (or the button equivalent on your platform). You can use the d-pad, just like you would with any other menu in Elden Ring, to pick the bag, which is located in the upper-right hand area of this menu screen. These two Elden Ring pouch spaces can only be utilised if selected directly from this menu, which is still faster than going through the inventory. You should see four slots with assigned d-pad inputs and two slots with no inputs.

How to Equip Items to Pouch in Elden Ring

To place an item in the fast select bag, you must first highlight one of these slots and then hit the “Switch” input while the slot is selected. This input should be Triangle or Y by default, as doing so unlocks the inventory in Elden Ring, allowing the player to choose a consumable to equip. Some things are more beneficial to have in the bag than others. For example, the Spectral Steed Whistle is a common one to have in the pouch because it makes riding Torrent lot quicker than it would be otherwise. Prattling Pates, Boluses for Poison or Scarlet Rote, and your preferred Spirit Ashes are three other options worth considering.

How to Use Pouch Items

How to Equip Items to Pouch in Elden Ring

After players have assigned things to the pouch Elden Ring, they can use them by pressing the Interact button (Y or Triangle) and the d-pad input for one of the slots. When you press and hold the Interact button, the Quick Items and weapons you have equipped will be replaced by your available bag spaces in the bottom left menu. Keep in mind that the lowest two slots of the six-slot pouch do not appear here and must be utilised straight from the menu, but otherwise the Pouch can serve as a convenient quick-select wheel.

Quick Items, on the other hand, are the 10 items that can be quickly switched between using the down directional input and used with either X or Square. To utilise more than one item at once, you’ll need to switch them out of your equipment first. The objects in your Elden Ring bag can be used considerably more quickly because you can utilise multiple at once by holding the Interact button. In order to quickly swap goods in the heat of battle, it is recommended that all consumables and other items be stored in the bag, and only Flasks be kept in the Quick Items bar.


Can you drop gear to friends in Elden Ring?

Where Other Players Can Find Your Dropped Weapons and Items in Elden Ring. If you’re playing the game online with a friend, you can put a temporary halt to the action by pressing the ESC key. Find the Inventory tab and click it. Pick out the weapon (or whatever else) you’d like to bestow upon them.

How do you drop items for Elden rings for other players?

By hitting the menu button and then selecting your inventory from the drop-down list, players are able to dispose of things in the Elden Ring. Once you have the object selected, hit the X button on your controller, and then select the “leave” option from the menu that appears. The item will be removed from your inventory and placed on the ground for other players to pick up. Other players will be able to use the item.

Can you trade Elden Ring?

Player Trade for Elden Ring, more commonly referred to simply as Trading, is a game element in online games in which players can trade various items and pieces of equipment with one another. There may be restrictions placed on the kinds of goods and apparatus that can be exchanged.

Can I drop smithing stones in Elden Ring?

The Smithing Stones that can be discovered on the walls of these caves will not respawn, but the amount of Smithing Stones that can be obtained from the monsters that are found within these caverns is endless. This indicates that the Elden Ring area is suitable for farming Smithing Stones. You can farm Smithing Stones if you know where to look for them because the creatures who drop them can respawn multiple times.