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How to Fall 5 Stories in Fortnite


The popular video game Fortnite is known for having appealing goals and challenges for players to complete. These are included in the game to keep players interested in the experience. One of the tasks that is among the most challenging to complete is the one that needs you to survive a fall of at least five stories without taking any kind of harm. It can appear impossible at first glance, but there’s no need to be alarmed about it! This guide will provide a detailed walkthrough of the procedures necessary to complete a five-story fall in Fortnite. So let’s get started:

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How to Fall 5 Stories in Fortnite

There are three alternative ways to avoid incurring damage when falling at a height of five floors or more without utilizing the Kinetic Blade, jumping off the Grind Rails, or jumping out of the Air Vents that are located on top of buildings in Mega City. The procedure for completing the work is as follows.

Grind Rail Jumping in Mega City

Jumping from the Grind Rails, which are located at the highest point in Mega City, is one of the simplest ways to fulfill this challenge. The fact that all of the structures are of a high-rise form allows them to easily satisfy the criteria of having five stories. However, only experienced players should undertake this task in Mega City because there is a possibility that it will become a hotspot POI at some point.

How to Fall 5 Stories in Fortnite

Using a Kinetic Blade to make a dramatic ascent

Using a Kinetic Blade to make a sudden vertical ascent into the air is one of the least dangerous ways to solve this challenge. You may even try to make a break for it by running off the edge of a hilltop or off the top of a building. In any case, taking into account how far you can dash on a single charge, traveling a distance of at least five stories should not be difficult for you. You don’t need to worry about incurring fall damage once you’ve reached the air because the Kinetic Blade will prevent it from happening automatically.

How to Fall 5 Stories in Fortnite

Building-top air-vent jumping in Mega City

Air Vents can be utilized in conjunction to the Grind Rails that are located in Mega City in order to survive a fall of five or more stories without sustaining any damage. To be catapulted into the air, go onto the air vents that are found on top of the buildings. Because Air Vents have some kind of shielding effect, you will not receive any harm from falling to the earth even while you are falling.

How to Fall 5 Stories in Fortnite


How do you drop 10 stories in fortnite?

If you want to survive a fall of ten stories without suffering any injuries, you have to land in water. It is possible to accomplish this by diving from the top of a very tall building into a body of water; but, you will need to have excellent aim.

How far can you fall in fortnite?

The height at which the player suffers fatal fall damage is 23 meters, at which point they lose 100 HP. The player can take a maximum of 500 health points worth of damage from falling. In Season 6, players who have used a Shadow Stone to transform themselves invisible will no longer take damage from falling while they are invisible.

Can trees fall in Fortnite?

Players have the ability to take down the massive Physics Tree by chopping it down with their axes. This tree, unlike most others in Fortnite, has a trunk that will break off after suffering a certain amount of damage, turning it into a log. Other trees in the game just vanish after they are destroyed.

Can you survive a fall from 10 stories?

“Suicide baiting” refers to the phenomenon that occurs when onlookers encourage someone who might otherwise leap to do so. People have survived falls from far higher heights than this, even onto hard surfaces, although it is extremely unlikely that they would survive a fall from a height greater than approximately 10 stories.

Is a dead drop in Fortnite?

Those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, “Dead Drops” refer to the objects that resemble tree trunks and can be found in a variety of locations. In Fortnite, making use of a Dead Drop is as easy as walking up to it and interacting with it when you have located one. When you are in the appropriate proximity, a button prompt should appear.