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How to Fight Charon in Hades


The roguelike video game Hades will put your fighting skills to the test against a broad array of adversaries in a setting that feels very much like an RPG. On the other side, your superiors are going to give you some of the most difficult tasks to do. One of these bosses is Charon, also called the ferryman of the Underworld. Charon is a mythical creature. Because Charon is one of the hidden bosses in Hades, you will have first to finish a set of goals before you get the opportunity to engage in combat with him. By reading this post, you will acquire the knowledge necessary to engage in battle with Charon when you are in Hades. So let’s get started:

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How to Fight Charon in Hades

Start the Fight:

Because Charon is typically one of the most helpful NPCs in Hades, you will need to do something that will get on his nerves to provoke him to the point where he will attack you. Having stated that, the first thing you will need to do is improve your relationship status with him until you reach the heart, which is immediately before the very final one. You can accomplish this goal by presenting him with one jar of nectar at the end of each run.

How to Fight Charon in Hades

After you have accomplished that, you will require a little amount of good fortune. When your friendship with Charon reaches that point, there is a possibility that he will allow you to “borrow” obols from him whenever you visit his shop, provided that it is not situated in the area immediately preceding a boss encounter. These obols are the coins that he collects. Simply “borrow” the sack of obols to get under his skin, and he’ll teleport you to a location known as Erebus when you’ve done so. The boss fight involving Charon and Hades will commence when this timer goes off.

Charon’s Moves:

During the encounter, Charon will utilize these four attacks:

  • Cloud Wave –  Charon floats in the air above the playing area and releases a tidal wave of clouds from one of the four sides of the platform. Throughout the fight, the pattern shifts in accordance with his current health. He will then begin sending in a number of cloud waves all at once.
  • Floor Wave – Charon causes a massive wave that has the ability to reflect off of anything it comes into contact with. As the fight continues, Charon will unleash more than one wave of his minions.
  • Oar Swipe – As Charon moves closer to you, he strikes twice with his oar across a large area, delivering significant damage each time.
  • Stun –  If you go too close to Charon, he will employ a wave that both flings you backwards and stuns you if you get hit by it.

How to Fight Charon in Hades


Is it possible to beat Charon?

It is impossible to win the fight against Charon, so try not to worry too much if you are injured in the process. If you insist on engaging him in combat, you should do so by vaulting over his body and repeatedly using the Rampage of the Furies ability against him.

What happens if you steal money from Charon Hades?

After being teleported there, you engage in combat with the boss. He’s going to put up a very good fight. If you are victorious, you will be awarded an achievement as well as his loyalty card.

Is Charon easier in Tartarus?

Players will have the best chance of defeating Charon if they begin the fight in Elysium, after they have gained several boons, because the encounter’s severity is unaffected by the biome in which it takes place. Defeating him in Tartarus or Asphodel, on the other hand, will result in the player being granted additional opportunities to utilize the Loyalty Card.

Is The Grim Reaper based on Charon?

In medieval tradition, Charon is most commonly connected with death, however this role was initially held by his brother (who was also rather frequently represented as a grim reaper). In point of fact, Thanatos is more likely the source of inspiration for the Grim Reaper, while Charon is typically depicted as an elderly man in a cloak.

Does Charon have a weapon?

In the mythology of the Etruscan people, he was called Charun and he took the form of a death demon who carried a hammer. Over time, people began to associate him with death and the underworld, and eventually he came to be seen as a symbol of both. As a result, in contemporary Greek folklore, he is reborn as Charos, also known as Charontas, the angel of death.