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How to Fish in Hades


Fight your way out of the underworld, which is a fast-paced and action-packed event, but it is enjoyable to take your time to look around and participate with the dangerous environment. In spite of the fact that you won’t learn about it right away, one of the activities you might enjoy in Hades is fishing. You will learn how to fish in hades by reading this article so that you may take advantage of the perks that come along with doing so. So let’s get started:

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How to Fish in Hades

The very first thing that you should do is go to the Home Contractor and acquire a Rod of Fishing for yourself. It can be purchased for one Diamond, but it won’t be added to the list of available items right away. You will, of course, have to defeat the Bone Hydra monster in the second location, which is Asphodel, and collect the award from him after you have done so.

Finally, if you have unlocked sufficient goods with Gemstone from the Contractor, who sits to the right of Hades himself, you will be able to view the rod that has to be unlocked there. After perhaps 15 trips through Hades, we were finally able to locate it.

How to Fish in Hades

After that, go ahead and make the purchase, and then try to make your way out of the Underworld. You will come across glowing areas of lava and water in different parts of the world as you go across it. When you are close to it, you can fish in Hades by pressing R on the Switch (or E on the PC).

How to Fish in Hades

Whenever you feel a bite on your line, you will need to press the interact button once more in order to reel in your line and bring the fish in. You will have to wait for the rod to bob in the water twice before a bite occurs on the third time. At this point, you will need to press R/E to reel in the fish.

How to Fish in Hades

It operates somewhat similarly to how fishing does in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, where the float must bob up and down twice before it can be caught on the third attempt. After that, you will be able to sell the fish the following time you die.


What button do you press to fish in Hades?

To begin fishing, get closer to the location marked for fishing and press the Interact button. Up to three times, the bobber will do a faux bob. The bobber will get completely submerged in the water once a fish takes a bite out of the hook. A bright flash of light will also appear on top of the rod at this time.

Where can you use the Rod of fishing Hades?

Once you have a fishing rod in your possession, you will need to travel into the underworld before you can begin fishing. Fishing places can show up in any of Hades’ zones, and they will be indicated by a chime sound (and sometimes a vocal line by Zagreus) once you have vanquished the foes contained within and collected the reward. Fishing spots can be found in any of Hades’ zones.

Why can’t i fish Hades?

After you have eliminated all of the dangers in the chamber, you will be able to interact with a fishing area. You will be notified that you are now able to fish at a fishing spot somewhere in the room by hearing a distinct “ding” sound. The location of the fishing spot can be found anywhere in the room. To cast your line and begin fishing, you must first approach the fishing site and interact with it.

When should I stop Hades?

You can escape back to the main menu at any time during a run by bringing up the game’s menu and selecting the “Quit” option. This will take you back to the beginning of the run. Nevertheless, if you take any damage while engaging in combat, the option to “Quit” will be replaced by the option to “Give Up.”

When should I turn on God Mode Hades?

God Mode is an option that you can use in Hades if you are having trouble overcoming the difficulty of the game, or if you would simply want to have an easier experience for any other reason. You will receive a permanent boost that reduces damage taken by 20% if God Mode is engaged, and the size of that buff will increase by 2% whenever you die while God Mode is active.

How do you get a perfect catch in Hades?

One in which the fish bites on the first bob, another in which it bites on the second bob, and so on and so forth. In addition to that, the fourth bob will, without fail, be a bite. I make sure to click the button well before the bait is entirely submerged in the water so that I may regularly receive a “Perfect Catch.”