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How to Find a User on Reddit


Reddit is an immensely well-liked social networking website that encourages users to share photographs and links with one another. Users of the website Reddit, commonly referred to as “Redditors,” are typically avid visitors to the website. If you’re a Reddit user and you happen to run into another Reddit user outside of the site, make sure to write down their exact username.

Why? Because in contrast to other websites, Reddit does not have any kind of directory that you can search through to locate a certain user you might be looking for. Instead, you will have to conduct a search for their username in its entirety or enter it directly into a URL. You can search for a person on Reddit in one of two ways: using an internet browser on your Mac or PC, or through the mobile app, which is available for iPhone and Android devices.

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How to Find a User on Reddit

Using the search bar

This functionality is available on the mobile website as well as the desktop page.

1. Launch the Reddit app on your device of choice or navigate to using any internet browser.

2. Using the search bar that can be found at the very top of the webpage, enter the exact username of the person you are trying to find, and then click the search button.

3. On the page displaying the results, look for the heading labelled “Communities” or “Communities and Users.” You’ll see a list of individuals and subreddits that are relevant to your search just below it. You will want to look for the one that begins with “u/” followed by the username you are trying to find in the following part of the URL. Therefore, if you are looking for a John Doe, you should check for the user profile titled u/JohnDoe.

How to Find a User on Reddit

4. Navigate to the person’s profile by clicking on their name in the list. You have the option of sending them a message, viewing their comment and thread history, or both.

Even if you have the proper name, there is no guarantee that you will find the individual you are looking for using this method. However, it is the simplest approach to locate someone. In this particular scenario, you have the option of utilising a workaround.

Using a profile URL

You’ll need to be working within an internet browser to accomplish this.

1. Launch an internet browser of your choice and choose the address bar at the top of the browser window using either your mouse or touch screen.

2. Each user’s profile on Reddit has its own unique URL. To find your user page on Reddit, navigate to Simply replace “insertnamehere” with the actual user name of the individual whose profile you are attempting to locate. Therefore, the URL for a user with the name JohnDoe would look like this: “”

How to Find a User on Reddit

3. Navigate to that URL, and you will be transported to the profile of the user whose information you are seeking. You can also message them from this page, where you’ll also find an archive of all of their previous posts.


Can people find your name from Reddit?

Your username, which is “Ordinary-Picture7399,” is the only thing that other people will ever genuinely see. If someone goes directly into your profile, then they will see the display name.

Does Reddit show who viewed your profile?

No, you will not be able to detect when someone clicks on your profile or when someone else clicks on yours.

Can people see your Reddit history?

No. However, they are able to see the subreddits in which you have posted or commented. People would also be able to see what you have upvoted or downvoted if you enable the setting that makes your votes public (click on preferences, then scroll down to privacy choices).