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How to Change Your Username on Reddit


Reddit, sometimes referred to as the “first page” of the internet, provides new users with a default username that is somewhat generic, such as “Unhappy-Round436” or “IntroductionSecret7.” Usernames are not forcedly assigned to users in any way, and users have complete discretion over whatever usernames they select from the pool of accessible options. However, a significant number of individuals fail to read the instructions and hunt for ways to alter their username at a later time. If you happen to be one of these people, read on because we will explain how to change both your username and your display name on Reddit.

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How to Change Your Username on Reddit

Reddit asserts that it has more than 52 million daily active users all around the world. The fact that its’suggested usernames’ frequently cause new users to become perplexed is one of the primary reasons why people wish to change their usernames. Continue reading this guide if you too want to alter your Reddit username to one that is more meaningful to you. This post will walk you through the steps of changing your username and display name on Reddit, including how to do so on the mobile app as well as the desktop website.

What to Remember Before Changing Username on Reddit

You are only able to change your Reddit username if Reddit originally proposed it to you as an option. This is the first and most crucial thing to understand about changing your Reddit username. Also, this is only possible if your account isn’t very old and you haven’t been using it for a very long time. You will not be able to alter your Reddit username, however, if you have previously selected a unique username for yourself or if you have been using Reddit for an extended period of time.

In the meanwhile, regardless of the status of your username, you will always have the ability to modify your “Display Name” on Reddit. Your current username will continue to be displayed alongside your posts, comments, and responses despite the fact that your Display Name will be displayed on your profile page. If you do not want that to happen, then the only method to permanently get rid of your Reddit username is to delete your account on Reddit. After that, you will be able to begin again with a brand new account.

How to Change Username Using Reddit App (Android and iOS)

  • Open the Reddit app on your mobile device and sign in to the account for which you wish to alter the username. After that, tap the image of your profile that is located in the top-left corner of the screen, and from the menu that slides out, select “My profile.”

How to Change Your Username on Reddit

  • Reddit will now ask you to confirm whether you wish to keep using the username that was provided to you by Reddit or select a new username of your own choosing. You can change your username by selecting the “Change Username” button and entering a new one. When you are finished, click the “Next” button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

How to Change Your Username on Reddit

  • In the end, you will need to select the option to “Save Username” in order to complete the process of altering your Reddit username. Your new username will be reflected on your profile page, as well as on any posts or comments that you make on the platform in the future.

How to Change Your Username on Reddit

How to Change Display Name on Reddit App (Android and iOS)

If you are unable to alter your username on Reddit, the very least you can do is change the name that is displayed next to your username. This is how you go about doing that:

  • Launch the Reddit app, then in the upper-left corner, tap on the avatar that represents your user profile. After that, select “My profile” from the menu that slides out from the side of the screen.

How to Change Your Username on Reddit

  • On the following screen, click the option that says “Edit Profile.” You will now have the opportunity to change the name that is displayed publicly.

How to Change Your Username on Reddit

  • You are free to modify your display name to whatever you choose, with the only restriction being that it cannot be longer than 40 characters. When you are finished, make sure you click the “Save” button that is located in the top-right corner of the screen. Your newly updated Display name will appear on your profile page as of right now.


Why can’t I change my Reddit username?

You will be unable to change your username after your account has been created, so choose carefully if you don’t want to be stuck with something you don’t like. You will not be able to alter the username that you have self-assigned on Reddit; the only way to get around this limitation is to join up for yet another account.

How do I delete a Reddit username?

Go to User Settings and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to delete your Reddit account. After clicking the Delete Account button, you will be prompted to provide your username and password. When you are certain that you wish to remove your account, click the Delete button.

Can you hide your username on Reddit?

Install the Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) browser extension, and then navigate to Settings by clicking the gear icon next to the Reddit preferences link. Home » Username Hider » Account » to the “On” position.

Can I delete my Reddit account and make a new one?

After you delete your account, there will be no way to retrieve it in the future. In the event that you change your mind in the future, you won’t be able to register for Reddit with the same username. Despite this, it is still possible to create a new account on Reddit by using a different username. Deleting your account will not remove your comments; they will remain viewable even after your account has been removed.

What happens if I delete my Reddit account?

Several things take place when your Reddit account is deleted, including the following: Reddit has removed your user profile from the website. This includes separating your username from your post history, comment history, karma, cake day, avatar, and any other information associated with your profile that you may have put up.