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How to Find and Get Cookbooks in Elden Ring


Crafting is a fundamental part of Elden Ring and is considered to be one of its most vital features. Talking to Kale the Merchant, who is located to the north of the starting spawn point, will allow you to acquire this skill fairly early on in the game. Visit his store and make the purchase of the Crafting Kit there. You can now craft goods using the recipes that you find scattered across the globe. It goes without saying that you will need to look for a wide variety of cookbooks in order to accumulate fresh recipes. You should look for a set of Elden Ring Cookbooks known as the Armorer’s Cookbook if you want to find one of the most significant cookbooks. This guide will walk you through the process of acquiring cookbooks in the Elden Ring. So let’s get started:

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How to Find and Get Cookbooks in Elden Ring

Limgrave is the location where you will have the most chance of discovering your first Armorer’s Cookbook. You can make things simpler by using the fast travel option to get to the Place of Grace at Agheel Lake North. From there, travel in a northwesterly direction until you reach an open area. There will be a pack of wolves in this location, but they shouldn’t be too difficult for you to dispatch of them. A camp consisting of some troops and wolves will be found a short distance further into the clearing. Win the battle against them all and pillage the camp for all of its dead bodies and valuables. The Armorer’s Cookbook is going to be included in one of these goods (1).

How to Find and Get Cookbooks in Elden Ring

This cookbook provides you with the instructions for the following foods and beverages:

  • Grease de incendie
  • Fireproof Grease with a Drawstring
  • Liver that is Impervious to Flames

If you are seeking for the newest edition of the cookbook, you should go to Coastal Cave, which is located on the westernmost edge of Limgrave. Because this spot is on the shore, you will have to negotiate your way down the cliffs in order to reach there. You can discover it by looking at the island that is part of the Dragon Communion off the shore and then imagining a line that goes directly east of that island.

How to Find and Get Cookbooks in Elden Ring

You will not, however, be entering Coastal Cave at any point. You will locate a Nomadic Merchant on the beach if you travel towards the southeast from the current location. He asks 600 Runes for the variant number two of the cookbook that he offers. The following items will become available after doing so:

  • Arrow Made of Firebone
  • Arrow Made of Firebone (Fletched)
  • Firebone Bolt
  • Neutralizing Boluses

After this one, there are a total of five additional Armorer’s Cookbooks that you should be on the lookout for. Some of them may be found in the shops owned by various merchants; therefore, if you come across a shop, you should always inquire about the goods and services they provide. For instance, the third edition of the Cookbook can be purchased from a different Elden Ring merchant located in East Limgrave. You should come prepared with Runes because the price will grow with each Cookbook that you find or purchase.


What do Cookbooks do in Elden Ring?

Cookbooks are vital commodities in Elden Ring. Not only do they provide in-depth records and recipes for Consumables and Ammunition, but they also vastly expand a player’s collection of crafting materials, which is an important aspect of the game. In Elden Ring, having them is essential for players that are interested in both using magic and getting more involved in creating. Cookbooks are saved in the New Game Plus expansion.

Should I be buying Cookbooks in Elden Ring?

9 Cookbooks

A good number of them can also be acquired by simply purchasing them from one of the many merchants who are dispersed across the Lands Between. It can make a great difference to have at least a few of these in inventory, and the ones that Kale sells at the Church of Elleh should actually be considered crucial in the early phases of Elden Ring.

Where can I buy Cookbook Elden Ring?

There are dozens of Cookbooks dispersed around the geography of Elden Ring, and each one of them has a number of recipes that can be helpful. A number of Cookbooks are available for purchase from the Merchants who have set up shop in the Lands Between; however, some can be unearthed from chests or taken from the possession of dead bodies.

What should I not sell Elden Ring?

Simply put, you should not give off anything whose name contains the words “sombre” or “old dragon.” There are only a few of these rare stones left in the world, and their value far exceeds what they are now being sold for.

Are pots worth using in Elden Ring?

Cracked Pots are extremely useful goods in Elden Ring since they are required in a number of recipes for the creation of throwing pots that have the ability to poison, slumber, or rot nearby opponents.

How many Cookbooks are in Elden Ring?

The Elden Ring contains a total of 59 Cookbooks, which can be broken down into 8 distinct categories. You may find all of the Cookbooks you have acquired in the Key Items section of your Inventory. Each Cookbook has the potential to unlock between one and five additional things in the Item Crafting menu.