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How to Find Your Player Tag in Clash Royale


The upcoming chests that we crack open in Clash Royale are going to be sure to sate everyone’s unquenchable thirst for finding new things. You will need to know your Clash Royale player TAG in order to retrieve this data. Your player TAG is the most important piece of information that is required in order to access the information associated with your account. But just where in the game Clash Royale can I look at my tag so that I can see what data it contains?

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How to Find Your Player Tag in Clash Royale

In the video game Clash Royale, locating your TAG and determining the correct sequence in which to open your chests are neither difficult nor at all confusing. If you are interested in finding out what your tag is, you need follow these steps:

  • In Clash Royale, your player profile can be viewed at any time by tapping on your name.

How to Find Your Player Tag in Clash Royale

  • As seen by the arrow in the figure on the right, your TAG may be found in the space that is immediately to the right of your name.

How to Find Your Player Tag in Clash Royale

Friends, this is the final round! After you have established your TAG, the next step is to figure out where you are in the chests cycle and what your forthcoming Clash Royale chests will be. This can be done by looking at the chests you currently have unlocked.


What is the player tag?

It is possible to search for a certain player by using their own player tag, which is distinct for each player. The amount of experience that the player has. A share button is located off to the side, and clicking it allows the player tag to be copied or shared. The player’s standing within the clan they are currently a member of (if they are in a clan).

Why is tag called tag?

Because “tag” was an older term for the game at one point, it is essential to think of a new name for it at this point. It’s likely that the word “tag” was taken from the old English word “tick,” which in turn came from the Germanic and Dutch word “tikken” (to touch or pat lightly).

Could not find a player with the provided tag?

If you attempt to visit a player’s profile and receive an error message that reads “Couldn’t find a player with the specified tag,” this indicates that you have located the player who is causing the issue. If you do not receive this error message, you have successfully located the player who is causing the issue.

Why can’t I add friends on Clash Royale?

If you wish to play with friends, you must first add those people to your Clash Royale roster before you may compete against them. It is not enough to know someone’s number in order to add them as a friend; you will also need to know their Supercell ID or connect your Facebook account. If you or your buddy are having difficulty with either of these two options, you may always email them a link or a QR code.

What is f2f score in clash Royale?

For a speedy introduction on how simple it is for players who are only using the free version of the game, “levelling up” their decks. The score is decreased proportionally to the number of epics and legendaries it possesses. It is the difficulty of levelling up the cards, and the score will be poor if it contains a lot of rares and legendaries in it.