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How to Find your Spotify Username on a Mobile Device


Your Spotify username may easily be accessed by clicking on your profile details in the upper-right hand corner on the computer, whereas accessing this screen takes one extra step on the mobile device. The approach for both is quite identical. Here’s how to find your Spotify username.

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How to Find your Spotify Username on a Mobile Device

1. Launch the Spotify app on your iPhone or other mobile device running Android.

2. Select the option that looks like a gear in the top right corner of the screen.

How to Find your Spotify Username on a Mobile Device

3. At the very top of the screen, close to the circle containing your profile photo, you should find your username. (If you do not have a picture associated with your account, a circle icon with your initials will appear in its place.)

How to Find your Spotify Username on a Mobile Device

4. Select “Account” to view all of the information pertaining to your account. On the page that displays your account information, your username will be displayed directly above the sort of subscription you now have.

How to Find your Spotify Username on a Mobile Device


Is your Spotify name your username?

You are unable to alter your username because Spotify created it specifically to be used to identify you. To log in, you will not need to provide your username. Use the email address and password associated with your account instead, or log in using the method that you used to register for the service, such as Facebook, Apple, or your phone number.

How do I find out my Spotify email?

In point of fact, the Spotify app won’t display your email address anywhere. However, if you want to know your email add (presuming that you don’t remember it), head to the password reset option in the app and enter the possible email addresses that you own. You will then be given your email add.

Why is my username on Spotify numbers and letters?

” -Is it okay if my username is only a combination of letters and numbers? We are now automatically generating usernames, which is why they will contain random numbers and letters. This is part of our effort to make the Spotify experience better as a whole. It is not necessary for you to remember this in order to log in. You are just required to enter your password and the email address that is connected to your account in order to log in.

Are Spotify usernames numbers?

Thank you for making the effort to contact us and welcome to the community. Every new Spotify account comes with a randomly generated username, which consists of a combination of letters, digits, and sometimes dashes. Our users will now have the ability to select a display name thanks to this.

Is Spotify username random?

When you join up for Spotify, the service will generate a random username for you, but you’ll have the option to select a different name for your profile. However, other users will be able to locate you with the profile name you choose, and the random username won’t show up on your Spotify profile. Usernames and profile names cannot be amended; however, the profile name you choose will be visible to other users.