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How to Unlock All Hidden Aspects in Hades


Each and every weapon in Hades is able to transform into a variety of different forms. There are some of them that are immediately apparent to the player, while others require a little bit more investigation on their part to uncover. It would appear that Zag’s Infernal Arms have connections to heroes and mythical figures from other mythologies in addition to Greek mythology, and that certain aspects of these figures can assist him if he demonstrates that he is deserving of their assistance.

To uncover every secret, Zagreus needs a “waking phrase,” which various non-player characters (NPCs) will provide once the appropriate circumstances have been satisfied. In each scenario, it is possible that more than one interaction will be required before the relevant character reveals the sentence to Zagreus. Players of Hades just need to be patient and they will be rewarded with great power. Once Zagreus has learnt the phrase, he will be able to use three titan blood to uncover each secret aspect, and he will need to spend the same amount of blood to raise each aspect by one degree.

Demaris Oxman last updated this page on March 26, 2022: Over a year after the game’s initial release, the narrative of Zagreus’ dogged efforts to free himself from the Underworld continues to resonate deeply with Hades gamers. Altering the gameplay of this well-liked independent roguelike is one of the many things that can be done to keep it interesting even after multiple runs through the game. The “hidden” facets of the Infernal Arms continue to be the most powerful forms of each weapon in Hades, but it can be difficult to locate them because there’s a good reason why they’re termed “hidden.” This list has been revised to offer extra information and hints on how players can access the concealed features and activities, catering to those who simply can’t get enough of the exhilaration that comes with escaping from their captors.

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Varatha, The Eternal Spear

Hidden Aspect: Guan Yu

Varatha’s hidden aspect invokes an ancient Chinese general, whose exploits in war reached such legendary heights that he has been deified in Chinese folk religion. His aspect grants the player the Frost Fair Blade, which boasts the following alternate moveset:

  • Press Attack to jab with the spear as usual.
  • Hold Attack to launch the Serpent Strike, a slow-moving, spinning projectile. This takes the place of the spear’s usual spin attack.
  • The Special button will release a crackling projectile; this is not retrievable as the spear’s Special is in other Aspects.

How To Unlock It

Varatha’s hidden aspect will always be the first that Zagreus reveals; no other hidden aspect can be unlocked until he does so. In order to receive the phrase, the following criteria must be met:

  • Fight the game’s final boss at least once (Zagreus does not necessarily have to win).
  • Unlock at least 5 aspects of any Infernal Arms. This should take 5 titan blood at minimum, which can be obtained by collecting bounties from the Fury sisters or the final boss.
  • If the player has not done so already, obtain the Fated List of Minor Prophecies from the House Contractor for 20 gemstones.

Stygius, The Stygian Blade

Hidden Aspect: Arthur

The Aspect of Arthur is a reference to the mythical King of Camelot, and while Zag is wielding it, it will increase his total life by +50. Even though the base damage is substantially more, he may still Attack and Combo with the sword in a manner that is, for the most part, identical to how it was before.

However, in contrast to a number of other concealed Aspects, the Special that comes with it is where the most original twist can be found. Zagreus generates an aura around himself known as Hallowed Ground whenever he uses his Special ability in conjunction with the Aspect of Arthur. This aura lasts for eight seconds. While Zagreus is standing on Hallowed Ground, any traps that are nearby will be disabled, enemy projectiles will move more slowly, and his damage will be reduced. To perform a normal Nova Smash while Hallowed Ground is active, hit the Special button. Because Zagreus can use Hallowed Ground once more as soon as the effect wears off, he has the ability to receive a bonus that is almost always active.

How To Unlock It

Talk to Nyx once the player has invested at least five titan blood on various aspects of the Stygian Blade. She will explain to Zagreus that her daughters, the Fates, came to her with a message and will provide the player with the following statement, which is required: “I witness your kingly pardon from a prison of stone.” This alludes to the tale of King Arthur, who, in order to establish his right to reign, is said to have extracted Excalibur from its stone encasement.

Aegis, The Shield Of Chaos

Hidden Aspect: Beowulf

By utilizing this facet of Aegis, the Old English hero affords Zagreus the benefit of his protection. The Attack, Bull Rush, and Shield Throwing Special moves that Aegis can use in this form are essentially the same as before. Having said that, this Aspect also brings with it a brand new component known as the Dragon Rush. The following is the method through which Zagreus can tap into its power:

  • You can load one or more Bloodstones onto the shield by pressing the Cast button (this function is analogous to Coronacht’s Aspect of Hera).
  • As one would normally do when bull rushing, hold the Attack button, line up your shot, and then release it.

How To Unlock It

When the player talks to Chaos while wielding any part of the Shield of Chaos, the ancient deity will comment on how the player formerly used the shield in the past. After Zag has spent 5 titan blood in the Shield elements, you must then have a second chat with Chaos after the first dialogue has already taken place. The following phrase will be delivered to Zagreus by Chaos: “I see you stand your ground against the serpent’s flame.”

Coronacht, The Heart-Seeking Bow

Hidden Aspect: Rama

An avatar of the god Vishnu, Rama is among the most important gods in Hinduism. When wielding his aspect, hold Attack and aim to fire the bow. This works much the same as usual, but now the projectiles can Pierce enemies; that is, the arrows will continue traveling after hitting an enemy, potentially damaging multiple foes with one shot. The Special, meanwhile, has more of a twist.

Pressing Special releases a volley of three ricocheting arrows. This may seem like a downgrade from the usual Special’s nine arrows, but these have a new effect. The arrows from the Aspect of Rama’s Special will inflict Shared Suffering on enemies they hit. Those afflicted by this status curse will take a percentage of damage that Zagreus does to other enemies for a short time.

How To Unlock It

If you accept a boon from Artemis while you are holding Coronacht, the goddess of the hunt will make a comment about the famous bow to Zagreus when Artemis talks to him. Find Artemis once more after investing 5 titan blood in any component of the bow. If you want to make absolutely certain that she will show up, consider donning her souvenir, the Adamant Arrowhead. The second time you meet her, she will say the following waking sentence to you: “I see you drawn in the arms of the seventh avatar.” This makes a reference to the fact that Rama was the seventh incarnation of Vishnu.