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How to Fix a Vizio TV That Won’t Stay On


If you find that you are unable to keep the television turned on for an extended period of time, you will need to conduct some troubleshooting in order to determine the cause of the problem. The focus of this essay, which will explain how to fix a Vizio TV that won’t remain on, is how to fix a TV that won’t stay on. So let’s get started:

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How to Fix a Vizio TV That Won’t Stay On

Find out what’s wrong with your Vizio smart TV by following these troubleshooting steps:

1. Make sure the power connector and outlet are working properly. Instead of looking there, check to see if it is hooked into a power strip or surge protector. Check to see that the plug is attached firmly and is not wobbling or hanging crookedly. If it is plugged in properly, you should also check the breaker that controls the electricity in your home. If it isn’t already plugged into the wall outlet directly, you can try doing so now.

2. Check the remote for the TV. It’s possible that the power button is stuck.

3. Make sure that no other electronics in the vicinity are turned on and causing interference with the TV. This includes any other Vizio remotes you may have. You can switch off the CEC setting on your TV if you think that an external device may be causing it to malfunction by going to the Settings menu, then selecting System, and finally CEC.

How to Fix a Vizio TV That Won't Stay On

4. Make sure that none of the devices, including mobile ones, PCs, and tablets, that are connected to your network are casting to the Vizio TV. If you believe that this may be an issue, you can block casting to a TV that is shut off by going to Settings > System > Power Mode and turning on Eco Mode. If you believe that this may be a problem, you can disable casting to a TV that is powered off.

5. When the Eco Mode does not work, switching to Quickstart mode might be helpful. To activate it, go to the Settings menu, then select System, then Power Mode, and finally Quickstart Mode.

6. In the Settings menu, select Timers, then perform a thorough inspection of the auto-off and sleep timers. Examine the settings for the Sleep Timer, and if necessary, either deactivate it entirely or set it to a later time. Check the setting for the Auto-Off function and ensure that it is set to an appropriate amount of time. After a certain amount of time of inactivity, it will turn off the TV; however, if the time limit is short, this could be the reason why the TV is turning off abruptly.

How to Fix a Vizio TV That Won't Stay On

7. Perform a factory reset on the television. To accomplish this, navigate to the Settings menu, then to System, then to Reset & Admin, and then select the option to Reset TV to Factory Defaults. If you do not know your administrative passcode, you can either enter 0000 as the default or choose to input your own. To confirm, select the Reset button. The required operation will be carried out by the TV, and it will then power cycle. Hold out until it’s finished, and then check to see if the issue is still present.

8. Checking for new versions of the firmware can be done by going to Settings > System > Check for Updates. If a newer version of the firmware is available, it should be downloaded and installed. Please wait for the TV to finish the operation before trying to restart it. After that, check to see whether the issue still persists.


What does it mean when your TV won’t stay on?

Both a loose connection and an outdated power supply cord have the potential to cause your television to turn off abruptly. If you find that the wires on your TV are frayed or that the power cord has been damaged, it is time to start looking for a new TV so that you may avoid further problems and the possibility of electrical hazards.

What to do if your VIZIO TV turns on and off?

If this is occurring, you can fix it by pressing the menu key on your VIZIO remote, selecting System, and then CEC from the drop-down menu that appears. To disable CEC, turn the setting off.

Does a Vizio TV have a reset button?

Make a selection by pressing the Menu button on the VIZIO remote control. You can get to the System menu by using the arrow buttons on the remote, then pressing the OK button. Mark Reset & Admin, and then hit the OK button. Mark the box that says “Reset TV to Factory Defaults,” and then press the OK button.

Why does TV turn off after a few minutes?

There is a good likelihood that the sleep timer has been activated on your television if you have noticed that it turns off by itself. You might also try turning off the HDMI-CEC feature while you’re at it. If neither of these solutions works, the next step is to perform a soft reset on the TV.

How do you fix a smart TV that keeps turning off?

Unplug the television from the wall outlet for a half minute, and then, when you reconnect it, plug it directly into a wall socket that you already know is in good working order. This procedure, known as a “soft reset,” should allow the TV to be recalibrated.