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How to Fix Error Code 529 in Roblox


It is necessary for you to keep an active internet connection to the game’s servers in order to be able to access any of the millions of worlds that are available on Roblox. As a direct result of this, there is a good chance that, on sometimes, you will run across an error code that is related with that. The likelihood of this happening is rather high. One of the issues that players could encounter is referred to as the Roblox Error Code 529, and in the following paragraphs, we will discuss what this error means and how you can fix it if it occurs to you. So let’s get started:

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How to Fix Error Code 529 in Roblox

There are a variety of potential explanations for the Roblox Error Code 529. There’s possible that this is an HTTP error, in which the client has issues connecting with the web service. Alternatively, it could be a technical issue with joining VIP servers that’s being caused by Roblox. It’s possible that this is the result of an outage or maintenance on the Roblox server.

How to Fix Error Code 529 in Roblox

Because Roblox is experiencing technical difficulties, the only thing you can do is wait until they are fixed. However, on your end, you can try a few different things to see if any of them resolve the issue. The following is a solution for the Roblox error code 529:

  • Check the speed of your internet connection.
  • Please log out and then back in.
  • After quitting the game client, try starting it up again.
  • Try to solve the problem by giving your gadget a fresh start.
  • Try utilizing the Roblox app or client rather than the browser version to determine whether or not this error still occurs.

These are all possible solutions, however they might not work for you depending on the situation. On the other hand, if these do not work, all you can do is wait till the servers are back online and operating correctly again. In the event that this technological issue is specific to a game rather than the platform as a whole, the producers will almost certainly make players aware of it through various social media platforms. Last but not least, you can get in touch with the Roblox support team if you believe that no one else is experiencing this issue.


What is the Roblox error code for getting banned?

In the event that you have been temporarily banned from participating in a particular Roblox experience, the error code 267 will display a message detailing the length of your ban. It could be as little as a few minutes, as long as an hour, or even as long as days. In this scenario, it is advisable to refrain from initiating that adventure and instead wait out the ban.

How long are Roblox bans?

1 day ban, starting at the moment the moderation was initiated and lasting for 24 hours. A ban that lasts for three days, or 72 hours counting backwards from the moment moderation was first implemented. A ban that lasts for seven days, or one week counting backwards from the moment the moderation was activated. The account has been closed and cannot be automatically reactivated at this time. You have been deleted.

Is error 268 a ban?

Due to the fact that viruses and cheats are frequently implemented by adding erroneous entries in the DNS cache, they assume that incidents of Error 268 are the result of cheating. Even if the message “kicked for unexpected client behaviour” may alarmingly sound like a ban, there is still a way for you to correct the Error 268 message. Do not be concerned. You have not been banned or anything.

What is Roblox error code 901?

The user account that is associated with your Gamertag is being monitored and moderated. Please try checking in on any other device, such as a web browser, mobile device, etc., so that you can check the status of your moderation request.

Who was the first Roblox player?

The very first user to sign up for a Roblox account was Admin. On June 30, 2004, the user “Admin” signed up for this service and was given the ID 1. The very first user to sign up for a Roblox account was Admin.