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How To Fix Your PS4 on Safe Mode: The Ultimate Guide


Have you ever used PS4 Safe Mode to troubleshoot PS4 issues before? Probably yes. After the usage of your PS4 for a protracted length time, each so often, you can possibly want to position your PS4 with inside the Safe Mode to repair your PS4 issues, just like the one above we display you. Hence, we are able to be speak me approximately the entirety approximately PS4 Safe Mode on this article.

Read over the web page and get the records you need to recognize approximately PS4 Safe Mode.

Do you understand what’s PS4 Safe Mode?

The Safe Mode lets in you to begin your PS4 device with the maximum primary capabilities active. When you couldn’t energy up your PS4 console, or while your PS4 device is getting issues, you could nonetheless use your console via its Safe Mode. The alternatives in Safe Mode assist you clear up unique issues together along with your PS4.

Some Safe Mode alternatives will purpose information loss. So we exceptionally advocate you usually lower back up your PS4 device information to an outside tough drive, USB garage tool or on-line garage earlier than attempting an choice from the Safe Mode menu. The legit Sony internet site tells us that Safe Mode is designed to repair troubles with PS4 firmware and ought to best be used while endorsed with the aid of using a PlayStation guide article or Sony guide group of workers member.

Before we pointed out the Safe Mode Option, let’s discern out a way to begin your PS4 in Safe Mode

How to Put PS4 into the Safe Mode?

The Safe Mode would possibly sound now no longer that acquainted to you though, it’s smooth to begin your PS4 gadget to its Safe Mode. Just pass on with those easy steps:

1) If your PS4 gadget is on, please flip it off: press the Power button at the the front panel of your console.

2) After your PS4 system is off, press and hold the Power button. Once you hear its second beep release the button: When you press it you will hear the first beep and after around 7 seconds you will hear the second one.

You should then see a message on your screen saying Connect DUALSHOCK 4 using the USB cable and then press the PS button.

3) As the preparation says, please join your Duals hock 4 (PS4 controller) through USB cable with the console.

4) Press the PS button in your controller.

5) You should then see the Safe Mode menu screen.

We’re going to show you what each Safe Mode option does for you.

How to get out of PS4 Safe Mode?

Trapped with the aid of using the Safe Mode loop? Don’t worry, there are some methods to get your PS4 out of Safe Mode.

1) Restart PS4

This choice lets in you to get your PS4 out of Safe Mode, and reboot your PS4 device normally. If you need to quit the Safe Mode, you may pick out this choice.

2) Change Resolution

The Change Resolution choice will set your PS4 show decision to default 480P whilst it’s lower back to ordinary mode.

This choice let you to repair your PS4 show display issues, just like the not unusual place clean display problem. Sometimes you may stumble upon troubles on HDMI connections among your PS4 and TV, a mismatched decision, such as you pick out a better decision 1080P in your 720P TV. Then use this Change Resolution secure mode choice that will help you to repair it.

After you finish your PS4 secure mode and placed it into the ordinary one with 480P resolution, you could visit the Settings menu to set it to the right resolution.

3) Update System Software

This choice lets in you to replace your PS4 machine software program manually thru direct download, USB garage device, or disc.

Update your PS4 machine software program can repair loads of PS4 insects and issues. When your PS4 are experiencing problems, and also you can’t replace it normally, then you definately can use this feature to replace your PS4 in Safe Mode.

4) Restore Default Settings

Restore Default Settings will take your PS4 lower back to manufacturing unit default settings.

Not to worry, it won’t wipe your PS4 any records as it’s now no longer a whole manufacturing unit reset. Only the settings just like the date, time, and so on might be reset with this option. It’s a great desire a good way to troubleshoot a few capability troubles together along with your PS4.

5) Rebuild Database 

This alternative will experiment your PS4 pressure and create a brand new database of all of the content material for your PS4 system. It’s useful to easy your PS4 information and make your PS4 run a bit quicker as it could reorganize all of the content material for your PS4 pressure. When you stumble upon problems like PS4 video games freezing, body price drops, you may use this selection to troubleshoot.

NOTE: Please observe that the Rebuild Database choice might also additionally take a long term relying on the sort and wide variety of facts items.

6) Initialize PS4

NOTICE:  This choice will erase all of your PS4 sport records, captured photographs and all of the different content material consisting of your device settings. So please lower back up your PS4 device records to an outside difficult drive, USB garage tool or on line garage earlier than attempting this choice.

Initialize PS4 choice will delete all of your PS4 information to repair your PS4 to the unique state. But your present day software program might be saved intently. You can use it to restore a now no longer functioning PS4 system.

7) Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software)

NOTICE: This choice will erase all of your PS4 recreation statistics, captured pix and all of the different content material together with your device settings. So please lower back up your PS4 device statistics to an outside difficult drive, USB garage tool or on line garage earlier than attempting this choice.

8) Set HDCP Mode

HDCP is brief for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection. It’s used to encrypt the contents of an HDMI video move coming from an HD video device. If you couldn’t see your 4k images, perhaps you join the PS4 to a 4K TV that doesn’t assist HDCP 2.2, you could use this selection to set it to HDCP 1.forty Only to peer the photo. It’s due to the fact a 4K photo can simplest be capable of show whilst HDCP 2.2 is supported. But please observe that this can restrict video decision to 1080p.

If you’ve got got ever used any PS4 Safe Mode alternative that will help you remedy a few problems, please kindly percentage with us through leaving feedback below. Thanks in advance.



Safe Mode is a great option for fixing your PS4 if it’s been crashing or not loading games. If your PS4 does not boot up on Safe Mode, you may need to replace some parts.

If you’re looking for a little more information on how to fix your PS4, we have an article on some of the most common PS4 issues and how to fix them.