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How to Get a Home Button On-Screen on Your iPhone


Apple has been working for some time now to get people to stop using the home button on their devices. In point of fact, the most up-to-date models of the iPhone do not include a home button at all. However, this does not preclude the possibility of having a virtual home button displayed on the screen (we are looking at you, Donald Trump). You can create a button on the screen of your iPhone with just a few taps, regardless of whether your iPhone has a button or not, even if it’s an older model and the home button no longer functions reliably. The procedure is as follows.

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How to Get a Home Button On-Screen on Your iPhone

Using an accessibility feature known as AssistiveTouch, you are able to add a home button to your device.

1. Launch the app labelled “Settings” on your iPhone.

2. On an iPhone running iOS 13, navigate to the “Accessibility” menu. Tap “General” followed by “Accessibility” on an iPhone running iOS 12 or a version earlier than that.

How to Get a Home Button On-Screen on Your iPhone

3. Select the “Touch” tab.

4. Select “AssistiveTouch” from the menu.

5. Swipe the button to the right to activate the AssistiveTouch feature on your device. It is expected that the AssistiveTouch button will show up on the screen.

How to Get a Home Button On-Screen on Your iPhone

Tap the button that floats on the screen in order to use the AssistiveTouch feature. It ought should expand into a button overlay menu with a number of buttons, one of which is labelled “Home.” The action of pushing the home button on the phone is equivalent to tapping the home button on the screen.

How to Get a Home Button On-Screen on Your iPhone

You can also move the AssistiveTouch button to a new location on the screen by dragging it to the area of the screen where you would like it to appear.


How do you get the home button to pop up?

Control the navigation buttons (Home, Back, and Recent).

To accomplish this, go to the Settings menu, select Display, and after that, select Navigation bar. After ensuring that the Buttons option is chosen at the top of the screen, you will be able to select the button configuration that best suits your needs at the bottom of the screen.

Where did my home button go?

To regain access to the button, simply carry out the procedures outlined in the next paragraph. Launch Google Chrome, click the menu button in the top right corner, and then click “Settings.” You also have the option of going directly to the settings page by typing chrome:/settings/ into the Omnibox. Turning on the “Show Home Button” requires you to go all the way down to the Appearance section.

Will iPhone bring back the home button?

On the company’s newest iPhone SE 3, Apple reinstated the Home button.

What happened to home button on iPhone?

The Home button is no longer present, but the screen is larger than it has ever been; how does the Reachability feature work? To use it, you will need to swipe down from the very bottom of the screen to activate it. Read our tutorial on “How to use Reachability on the iPhone” for a more in-depth explanation (with a GIF!) because it can be a bit tricky to get the hang of.

How do I put a missing icon on my iPhone?

Check the Application Library.

To find the app, either scroll down or use the search bar at the top of the page. Once you have located the app you are looking for, touch and hold on the app icon until the Add to Home Screen menu option appears. This will relocate the app icon to your Home Screen. It is necessary to repeat this process for each of the app icons that have vanished on the iPhone.