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How to Get and Earn XP Fast in Halo Infinite (Season 1)


The Halo Infinite multiplayer mode is now available for gamers to begin their grinds. One of these brand-new features is the Halo Infinite Season 1 battle pass, which entitles players to a plethora of different goodies. There is a significant amount of content to go through, and players who have never used a battle pass before are likely to become perplexed. If you want to level up quickly in Halo Infinite, you’re going to need to familiarize yourself with a few different tactics that can help you make the most of the experience points you earn while you play. Inside Halo Infinite, gaining XP quickly is one of the most important things you can do. So let’s get started:

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How to Get and Earn XP Fast in Halo Infinite (Season 1)

XP Boosts and XP Grants:

To begin, the Battle Pass includes consumables that boost your experience points. They will provide you with a rise in the percentage of XP you gain over a specific period of time, up to a maximum of one hundred percent. In the normal course of events, you receive twice as much XP during the next half-hour.

How to Get and Earn XP Fast in Halo Infinite (Season 1)

In addition to that, there are XP Grants, which are a different kind of consumable that players can unlock as they go through the tiers of the battle pass. When you utilize these, you will receive a specific quantity of experience points. In order for players to make use of these consumables, they will need to accomplish the following:

  • You may access the Battle Pass menu from the main menu by using the R key on a keyboard or the Y button on an Xbox controller.
  • To access the Boosts menu from within the Battle Pass screen, hit the R key on your keyboard or the Y button on your Xbox Controller.
  • Confirm your selection after you have decided between “Double XP Boost” and “XP Grant.”

Weekly and Daily Challenges:

Completing the weekly and daily challenges in Halo Infinite is likely to be the most effective method for rapidly climbing the ranks of the game. Players in Halo Infinite are tasked with completing three challenges each week. Having said that, users will receive a bonus fourth spot if they acquire the Premium battle pass. This pass costs more money. One of the tasks is to “Complete a Complete Control Match,” while another requires players to “Kill enemy Spartans in Slayer.” The difficulty of these exercises will gradually go up over three distinct tiers.

How to Get and Earn XP Fast in Halo Infinite (Season 1)

You have one week to complete all of these challenges, and once you have done so, you will be given a “Ultimate Challenge” that is called a Capstone Challenge. One example of a Capstone Challenge is to kill 15 hostile Spartans in player vs player combat using only headshots. This will earn you a significant amount of XP over the course of the week, and if you also complete the daily tasks each time you log in, you’ll fly through the battle pass in no time at all.


How much XP do you get per Halo Infinite game?

You earn a base amount of experience points simply for finishing a match, and additional experience points are awarded based on how well both you and your team do during the play. Putting that into practise based on the example that was given would look like this: Arena Match Finished, You Get 150 Experience Points 50 experience points will be awarded to the team if they finish in the top half of the competition.

Do XP grants get doubled in Halo Infinite?

If you utilise these items throughout the next thirty minutes, your XP gains will be increased by a factor of two. Throughout the first season of Halo Infinite, players can earn experience points by taking part in daily tasks as well as weekly challenges. The only thing you need to do to earn XP is finish a certain amount of games, therefore completing daily challenges is not a particularly difficult task.

How long does it take to get to level 100 in Halo Infinite?

Another Halo Infinite user who is not engaging in boosting states that after twenty-four hours of simply playing for fun and enjoyment, they had risen to the position of rank 12 in the game. It would take you a total of 200 hours to complete all 100 ranks, which works out to a speed that is faster than a half-rank every hour.

How many hours does it take to 100% Halo Infinite?

It takes approximately 11 hours to complete Halo Infinite if you are concentrating on the game’s primary goals. If you are the type of gamer that wants to experience everything the game has to offer, you should plan to devote approximately 27 hours to achieve 100% game completion.

What is the rarest achievement in Halo Infinite?

“Greased Lightning” is the hidden or secret achievement in Halo Infinite that is considered to be the most noteworthy. This one challenges players to “Finish the Movement yard in under 25 seconds,” and gamers who are looking for hints and strategies on how to do it extensively search Google for information.

Is Halo Infinite easy on legendary?

Thankfully, the Legendary mode in Halo Infinite does not appear to be as challenging as the Legendary campaigns in the prior Halo games. There is a discernible difference between the opponents encountered on each difficulty setting. Elites are more hostile with their energy swords, while Jackal snipers have the potential to one-shot players if they are not careful.