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How to Get and Use Mythic MK Alpha in Fortnite


The Fortnite MK Alpha Assault Rifle is a new shooter that has been added to the battle royale loot pool. It joins the other new weapons added to Fortnite since the beginning of Season 3 of the game. Both the heavy damage it deals and the red dot scope, which can assist players in nailing those precision shots at distances, have contributed to its rapid ascent to the top of the player want list for Fortnite. This post will describe how to obtain mythic mk alpha in Fortnite and how to utilize it, in case you are interested in learning where it can be acquired and how to use it. So let’s get started:

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How to Get and Use Mythic MK Alpha in Fortnite

Get Mythic MK Alpha:

Watch out for the Fortnite MK Alpha Assault Rifle while you explore the island; it will most likely appear as random floor loot with a lower rarity. It is also possible to get it from chests, have it dragged from the water when fishing, or unlock certain Holo Chests with keys obtained from those chests. However, one non-playable character (NPC) always has the MK Alpha in their inventory, and that is the new Wildguard Relik boss. Unfortunately, no Fortnite characters are selling the MK Alpha when this article was written, so there is no easy way to guarantee to receive it.

How to Get and Use Mythic MK Alpha in Fortnite

The jungle habitat depicted on the map above as extending from Rumble Ruins to Shady Stilts is where Wildguard Relik can be found spawning. Even while this Fortnite boss can show up anywhere in the jungle, players have reported having greater luck finding them if they begin their search in the Rumble Ruins and make their way outwards from there. Because Wildguard Relik may make themselves practically invisible by using Cloak Gauntlets, you must keep a close eye on their whereabouts once you identify them and, preferably, utilize a weapon like the Kinetic Boomerang to keep targeting them. When Wildguard Relik has been vanquished, he will drop mythic versions of the Cloak Gauntlets and the MK Alpha Assault Rifle. This will provide a another method for obtaining these items in the battle royale.

Use Mythic MK Alpha:

The Red-Eye Assault Rifle has been replaced in the loot pool by the Fortnite MK Alpha Assault Rifle, which functions in a manner that is quite similar to that of its predecessor. If you aim down the sights, instead of firing by hip-firing like any other weapon, you will be given a first-person targeting perspective through a red dot scope. This gives you greater precision in your firing, enabling you to pick out targets from further away and make headshots more easily, but it comes at the cost of losing your wider vision of the action, which means you may not be able to notice other potential threats. Your personal preferences, as well as whether you choose to keep a more expansive view of your surroundings or to target a much smaller area for concentrated firing, will determine whether or not the MK Alpha rifle is the most appropriate option for you.

How to Get and Use Mythic MK Alpha in Fortnite


Is exotic better than mythic in Fortnite?

It is up to you to decide whether or not it is worthwhile to spend your Bars on an Exotic item, as they are typically not as powerful as Mythic weaponry. However, much like with all of Fortnite’s other time-limited weaponry and treasures, we have no doubt that gamers will do their best to test out each one.

How many mythics are in Fortnite in total?

Locations of all Exotic and Mythic Weapons in Fortnite Season 3, Chapter 4. As of right now, there are a total of six Exotics and four Mythics available in Season 3, some of which can be acquired in a variety of different methods.

What is the rarest thing ever in Fortnite?

The Fortnite Sledge Skin is one of the rarest outfits available, despite the fact that it is only an uncommon (blue) outfit. It was launched in Season 10 as part of the “Heavy Hitter” package, and it has been available since then. The item could only be purchased in the store for a single day at that time. To our good fortune, it only manifested itself for a short time on August 18, 2022, which was only a year ago.

What is the 1 shot weapon in Fortnite?

Fortnite, Havoc Pump Shotgun. Credit: Epic Games. The fourth and final chapter of Season 2 of Fortnite has been released, and gamers have learned that the game’s recently added Havoc Pump Shotgun has the ability to eliminate opponents with just one shot.

What is the fastest killing gun in Fortnite?

After being unvaulted in the most recent season, the Drum Shotgun, which is frequently utilized, has once again demonstrated that it is the most powerful shotgun in Fortnite, placing it in second place behind the Pump Shotgun. Because of its high fire rate and high damage, the shotgun is an excellent choice for use at close range.