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How to Get Breaking Bad RV in GTA Online


Many brand-new features are being added to GTA Online as it expands. The new Los Santos Drug Wars DLC has added a lot of fresh material to the game. New vehicles, tasks, and weapons. Getting new cars in GTA Online is always fun because it expands your mobility options. Additionally, you can further alter the appearance of your character. For instance, a brand-new RV in GTA Online resembles the Breaking Bad RV. This article covers how to obtain the Breaking Bad RV in GTA Online. Consequently, let’s begin:

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How to Get Breaking Bad RV in GTA Online

The Breaking Bad RV is now attainable in GTA Online thanks to Rockstar. A two-step process is required to get an RV, and both steps must be completed. First and foremost, you must get the Zirconium Journey II. The RV you’re looking for is called The Journey. For $790,000 in-game money, you can buy the RV from the super car in the game’s website.

How to Get Breaking Bad RV in GTA Online

As soon as you buy the RV, you’ll realize that it doesn’t precisely resemble the one from Breaking Bad. You must then modify your vehicle to correct that. Then you must alter the livery for your RV by giving it a bleached brown or cream tint. For roughly $20,520, you want to buy the Cooking Time livery. You will possess the Breaking Bad RV with this.

Are There Other Breaking Bad References?

It is unknown whether the game has received any additional Breaking Bad allusions. Players are exploring GTA Online’s new features to determine what the Drug Wars DLC offers. Additionally, data miners are hard at work examining the game’s files to determine the game’s future for players. Therefore, GTA Online may continue to feature Breaking Bad allusions. If such is the case, this page will be updated.


Where is the original breaking bad RV?

Contrary to what was shown in the series, the original Krystal Ship was not sunk in the scrapyard. The studio maintained and kept the RV on the film lot that controlled the “Breaking Bad” rights. On the studio tour, guests can see the Breaking Bad RV.

Can you kiss people in GTA?

The options include a handshake, hug, hold hands, high five, kiss, lying in bed together, and cuddling if it is a boy and girl. Another option is a handshake, embrace, or high five if it’s a boy and boy. If both online characters agree to act, all these tasks can be finished.

Does Franklin have kids in GTA?

The strongest proof, however, is a small child’s slide situated over the other side of the garden for those who are still not persuaded. This essentially proves Franklin has children in GTA Online: The Contract.

How do you unlock Liz in GTA 5?

When you speak with her, the girl will ask you to take her to her friend’s condo. After you take the young lady to the area she asked for, she will give you her phone number and register as a Contact under “Liz”.

What is the money cheat in GTA 5?

Nope! GTA 5 doesn’t have a money cheat code. The Rockstar game makers want us to enjoy cheating, but they haven’t provided us with a way to make a ton of free money, which is unsurprising. There is no GTA money hack for single-player or multiplayer; this is true for both.