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How to Save Abigail in The Quarry


Because there are so many counsellors moving around in The Quarry, it is natural to assume that the vast majority of them will make it through the terrifying events that take place there. This will, of course, be contingent on the actions that players ultimately choose to take at various points in the game, where they are presented with a variety of options that have the potential to alter the way the story unfolds. Preparation in advance is the best course of action for anyone who wants to avoid having blood on their hands when the situation unfolds. If you have been pondering how to rescue Abigail from The Quarry, here is your answer. So let’s get started:

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How to Save Abigail in The Quarry

Abigail’s life is in jeopardy in each of the three chapters of The Quarry; therefore, it is imperative that the reader be prepared with a plan of action in the event that she finds herself in one of these precarious situations.

Chapter 6 (Abigail)

The dialogue between Abigail and Nick, who is afflicted with the virus, is about to take a turn for the worse now that the gang is holed up in the pool house. After hurling poor Abigail across the room, our heroine decides she’s had enough and grabs the shotgun from the floor. You must fire the shot, or Abigail will be put to death. Nick’s life will not be taken by this, thus there is no need for alarm.

How to Save Abigail in The Quarry

Chapter 8 (Kaitlyn)

In the event that Emma has been afflicted with a bite in your narrative, Abigail will be put in peril once more in Chapter 8. When the counsellors get close to the minivan, an infected Emma will spring out of hiding and attack them. If you want to save Abigail’s life, you need to play your cards right as Kaitlyn and eliminate Emma.

How to Save Abigail in The Quarry

Chapter 9 (Abigail)

In the event that Emma is able to survive the sickness that she was exposed to in the previous chapter, she poses a threat to Abigail after the two of them enter the refuge located at the base of the lodge. It is imperative that you make the decision to rush for the ladder rather than the steps, and that you complete the quick-time events in order to climb it successfully and escape.

How to Save Abigail in The Quarry

All of the essential information that you require to successfully rescue Abigail from The Quarry has been presented here.


Is there a way to save everyone in The Quarry?

Are you able to ensure that nobody dies? Yes! This guide will walk you through each chapter and tell you what actions and choices you should make to ensure that all of the characters make it through the night. You will earn the Rough Night trophy or accomplishment at the conclusion of your gameplay if you managed to keep everyone alive throughout the game.

How do you infect Abi in The Quarry?

The Quarry: Instructions on How to Get Abigail Infected Choose the options “Try to Save Nick,” “Run,” and “Don’t Climb the Tree” if you want Abigail to become infected. Failing the following Quick Time Event (QTE) after Abi hides in the little fissure and watches a werewolf bite her is the best way to deal with the consequences of not climbing the tree.

Can you stop Max from dying in The Quarry?

Players have the option of either staying on land or swimming in the water when presented with this choice. DO NOT get into the water if you value your own life or the life of Max. Max’s only chance of surviving is to make his way through the wilderness. If he attempts to swim, Caleb will rip out his throat, and all of the work that has been put into keeping him alive through the other characters would have been in vain.

Is Abigail immune in The Quarry?

Abigail is a one-of-a-kind character since she is immune to infection no matter what the circumstances are surrounding her. Even after you have been bitten by a werewolf in Chapter 3, this will continue to be the case.

Do choices even matter in The Quarry?

Nearly anything in the game may be followed to some destination, regardless of how major or minor it may be. Every decision has repercussions, which makes it even more challenging to make a decision when faced with a screen full of potential possibilities. In The Quarry, there are a lot of situations that at the time appear little and trivial but end up having major ramifications.