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How to Get CP in Call Of Duty Mobile


This game is the mobile version of the well-known PC game Call of Duty: Black Ops II, which is also available on the App Store. Since its launch in 2019, Call of Duty Mobile has risen through the ranks and established itself as a viable competitor to games such as Battlegrounds Mobile India and Free Fire, thanks to its widespread popularity.

Similar to Battlefield: Middle Earth and Free Fire, COD Mobile includes an in-game currency known as CP that lets players to purchase items such as gun skins, outfits, and the Battle Pass, among other things. As a result, players in Call of Duty Mobile must be aware of the methods for obtaining CP.

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Three Best Ways to Get CP in COD Mobile in 2021

1) Google Opinion Rewards

In order to earn COD Points, you must first sign up for Google Opinion Rewards, which is one of the most established and trustworthy methods of earning COD Points. In COD Mobile, this may be performed through the use of the Google Play balance option, which allows players to earn CP. This service is provided absolutely free of charge to you.

The fact that various other GPT programmes are well-known for their frequent surveys does not diminish the fact that Google Opinion Rewards has proven to be a trustworthy platform. Character points (CP) are purchased in-game by completing basic surveys, which are provided to players in order to earn money that may be used to purchase additional character points (CP).

2) Look out for giveaways

One more straightforward method of earning CP points in COD Mobile is to take part in giveaways. Given the fact that giveaways are absolutely free, users of Call of Duty Mobile eagerly seek out opportunities to win prizes. Players can gain weapon blueprints, various pieces of gear, operators, and free CP points, among other things, by participating in the sweepstakes.

A vast number of people participate in these giveaways, which are commonly held on discord servers or on streaming sites such as YouTube, Twitch, or LOCO, among others. Given the chance, giveaways may not always result in CP being handed to the winner, depending on the luck of a specific player.

3) Codashop

This is not a cost-free method of solving the problem. The practice of spending money once in COD Mobile has been acknowledged as one of the most convenient ways to obtain CP in the game. SBD passes in Call of Duty Mobile are approximately $220, and they can only be obtained through the CP. Each Battle season creates enough CP for you to be able to purchase the season that follows it.

When it comes to making in-game purchases, Codashop is one of the most reputable websites available anywhere in the world. Codashop’s website not only provides savings when purchasing character points (CP) for the game, but it also provides an additional few character points when purchasing a bundle through the Codashop website using an online wallet or the Unified Payment Interface (UPI).


Why can’t I buy CP in COD Mobile?

To purchase COD Points, go to the Battle.Net store page and enter your payment information. Many gamers have stated that purchasing COD Points from the Battle.Net store page has been successful for them in the past. If you are still unable to purchase Points, you should close the game and restart your device. Once you’ve done that, return to the Battle.Net marketplace and see if you can acquire COD Points at this time.

Can you get COD Points for free?

Using such apps, users can earn points toward rewards by completing various activities within them. They can also use them to redeem gift certificates. Once you have received your gift codes, you may use them to purchase CP from COD Mobile. This is another another simple approach for earning a few free COD Points that you can use to your advantage.