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How to Get Destiny 2 Hawkmoon in 2022


Everyone can now participate in the online shooter and multiplayer video game known as Destiny 2, completely free of charge. The game was developed by Bungie and published by Activision for the years 2017-2018. During that time period, it was a pay-to-play game; however, beginning in 2019 and continuing up to the present day, the game has been made available without charge to anyone as a result of the developer Bungie publishing the game themselves.

The video game was first made available to the public in the year 2017, and since that time it has been ported across to a wide variety of gaming systems, including Microsoft Windows, Stadia, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox Cloud Gaming. In addition to all of the other characteristics that it includes, Hawkmoon is one of the most well-known pieces of equipment in Destiny 2. Everything you need to know about Destiny 2’s Hawkmoon is provided down below.

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What is Destiny 2 Hawkmoon?

In Destiny 2, the Hawkmoon is referred to as a Hand Cannon, however in the real world, it is more commonly known as a handgun. The Hawkmoon was featured in the initial instalment of the Destiny video game series and makes a comeback in the sequel, Destiny 2. Hawkmoon has carved itself a unique niche for itself in Destiny 2 over the course of its existence, and players generally like to have it in their arsenal.

How to Get Destiny 2 Hawkmoon?

To obtain the Destiny 2 Hawkmoon, you will need to follow the actions that are outlined in the following paragraphs in order. Following the procedures below will assist you in obtaining the Hawkmoon, which can then be utilized in the game to complete additional objectives and quests.

Visit Spider in the Tangled Shore

The first thing you need to do in order to complete the mission is to go to the spider’s lair in the tangled shore. The only thing that will make this location confusing for you is figuring out what to discover. You are going to need to search for paracasual feathers in order to achieve the Hawkmoon, and doing so will assist you in breaking down the subsequent stages that are required.

Find the five Paracausal Feather locations

Once you have explored the spider’s lair in the tangled coastline, the next step is to collect all of the feathers from the many spots where they are hidden. You can find the first one before you get to the Sparrow buffer if you look at the fallen box next to you before you get there. What you require is the golden feather that can be found in this location. The procedure of locating the feathers from each of the sites where feathers are located can be somewhat challenging, so proceed with caution.

Visit the Crow in the Tangled Shore

When you have gathered all of the feathers from the many spots where feathers can be found, you need to go speak to the crow in the hangout that the spider uses in the Tangled Shore. He will present you with a new task, which you are required to complete at this time.

Complete mission A Cry From Beyond in the EDZ

You will receive a fresh assignment from Uldren. You need to finish the “Cry From Beyond” quest that’s located in the EDZ right now. Once you have returned to the muck, the luminous bird will be available for you to use to begin the task.

Generate 50 Orbs of Power

When you get to the effigy, the crow will ask you to charge the Hawkmoon effigy for him. You will need to equip some masterwork weapons and continue to run across the kingship dock lost region located in the tangled coastline until you have generated and acquired all 50 Orbs of Power. You will receive two points for this activity; the first will be for generating the orb, and the second will be for picking it up.