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How to Get Gold Lara Croft in Fortnite


The Fortnite map has been constantly updated in the last few months. It is absolutely insane how much content they’ve added to this game since it first came out. The map is filled with new items, locations, and challenges to complete. However, there is one particular challenge that I’ve always wanted to do: get Gold Lara Croft in the game.

Gold Lara Croft is a skin that was released during the week of Season 3. When you unlock her, she becomes one of your extra characters you can play as when you have more than one player on your account. After playing for several hours and trying to complete some of the challenges associated with her, I finally unlocked her in-game for all players. Here are some tips on how to unlock Gold Lara Croft in Fortnite as well as some useful things that may help you master this challenge.

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What Is Gold Lara Croft?

Gold Lara Croft is a skin that was released during the week of Season 3. When you unlock her, she becomes one of your extra characters that can be played when you have more than one player on your account. She is also one of the most difficult skins to unlock because it takes a lot of time to complete the challenges associated with her.


How to Get the Gold Lara Croft Style in Fortnite

To get the Gold Lara Croft style, you need to acquire a mythical attack rifle positioned on the brand new island delivered to the map withinside the present day replace whilst carrying the Lara Croft skin. The new island is positioned off the southwestern coast of the map, simply under Flush Factory.

Once you arrive on the island, head withinside the ruined shape and discover the brand new NPC named Orelia. Then, choose up the gold scar from the pedestal nearby. Once you choose it up, you’ll be right away converted into the Gold Lara Croft fashion and also you’ll completely unencumber the fashion after the healthy is completed. When you choose up the scar, Orelia will right now assault you, so be organized to both combat or run. Keep in thoughts you need to be the primary character withinside the healthy to take the attack rifle if you want to unencumber the fashion. If a person else selections up the scar first and also you kill them and take it from them, it won’t work.

As constantly with new Fortnite content, the brand new place goes to be swarming with gamers for the following couple of days. You’ll possibly need to drop at the brand new island numerous instances if you want to search out the weapon first. It will spawn in Team Rumble though, so that you might also additionally have a higher threat in that mode on the grounds that all and sundry won’t be looking to kill you. Trying to get this project carried out in a conflict royale healthy is simply inquiring for a headache.


Some gamers are reporting that this fashion isn’t always unlocking for them despite the fact that they picked up the weapon, however the whole lot need to paintings so long as you do the whole lot correctly. You ought to be the primary individual to choose the weapon up at some stage in the match, and you need to be carrying the Lara Croft skin. Some gamers have stated that the project didn’t paintings for them until they in particular wore the twenty fifth Anniversary fashion for the Lara Croft skin, in order that is probably the problem if the Gold fashion isn’t unlocking for you. This project may be to be had all through the relaxation of the season though, so if you’re having problem getting it accomplished for any reason, you could constantly go back to this island and choose up the weapon in some days as soon as maximum humans have moved on and forgotten approximately it.

How To Unlock Gold Lara Croft In Fortnite

One of the best ways to unlock Gold Lara Croft is to complete a set of challenges. You can read more about the challenges here.

Another way to unlock Gold Lara is through an item called the Golden Chest. This chest will only be available during certain periods of time and it will give you a random amount of V-bucks depending on how much you spend in total. However, some chests cost up to 2,000 V-bucks so it might be hard for some players to unlock Gold Lara Croft this way.

The last way that I have found to unlock Gold Lara Croft is through a code. This code was given out as a promotion from 343 Industries that linked players into a contest. Be on the lookout for codes like these going forward because they are sure to give out codes like these again!

Useful Tips for Getting Gold Lara Croft

Here are some tips for getting Gold Lara Croft in Fortnite:

1.Complete challenges (I have a few below)

2.Don’t use any of your extra characters until after you get her.

3.Play in Creative Mode

Video For Better Understanding


With a little bit of patience and dedication, you can get your hands on Gold Lara Croft without spending a dime. It may take some extra time and effort, but it’s totally worth it!