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How to Get Keepsake in Hades


Keepsakes offer Zagreus with tremendous powers that can either make him stronger or enable the player gain more control over the boons that they receive. Depending on the situation, these effects can make all the difference in Hades. The gods of the Olympian pantheon and the Cthonic underworld each have their own, as do the gods of the Olympian pantheon. Even Sisyphus and Cerberus each have their own keepsake that the player can obtain, yet many players are still missing Hades’ own keepsake. This tutorial will walk you through the process of acquiring a souvenir in Hades. So let’s get started:

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How to Get Keepsake in Hades

The player needs to give a character some nectar in order for that character to give them a souvenir as a token of their appreciation. The first nectar that is given to a character will, in most situations, result in that character giving their keepsake to the player. However, this is not the case for Hades. In this particular scenario, there are a few tasks that have to be carried out before players of Hades can obtain a memento from their late father.

This is one of two mementos that the player won’t have access to until after they’ve completed the main storyline in the game. Without giving anything away, it will be fairly obvious when that takes place, as Zagreus’ primary objective will then have been achieved. After the player has completed the game and the corresponding sequence of cutscenes have been viewed, they will be able to offer Hades additional nectar.

How to Get Keepsake in Hades

During the course of the story, players will have the opportunity to offer Hades a nectar; however, he will only accept a single offering. After the player has completed 10 successful escape attempts, the story will be considered finished, and Hades will be able to get further nectar at that point. Giving gifts to Hades until both of his hearts of affinity are satisfied is the only thing that remains to be done at this point. This still takes a fair amount of time to complete because Hades is typically either out of the house or engaged in discussion with one of the other residents at the same time.

After the player has obtained Hades’ Keepsake, also known as the Sigil of the Dead, donning it will cause the player to automatically call on Hades for assistance. When used in combat, this ability makes Zagreus temporarily invisible (similar to the fight against the Hades boss) and causes him to deal additional damage with his subsequent attack. In addition, the memento provides the god gauge with an initial charge of 10% of its maximum capacity at each level. If Zagreus uses the fully charged call, his invisibility will continue for a significantly longer period of time, and he will not become visible after taking damage; rather, he will remain concealed until the allotted time expires.

How to Get Keepsake in Hades

During a run, if a player has Hades’ keepsake equipped, they will not receive any additional calls from the gods. If the player already possesses a call when they attempt to switch to Hades’ keepsake, the player will be obliged to sell the call before they can equip the memento. Perseverance will pay off for players in Hades, even though it may take some time until they reach 10 successful escape attempts.


How do you get best Keepsakes on Hades?

You can convince a character to hand over their Keepsake to you if you present them with a bottle of Nectar as a gift. Because Nectar is a pretty regular room reward in Hades, it should not take you very long to begin stockpiling Nectar bottles so that you can present them to a variety of characters.

Who is the best person to gift in Hades?

Cerberus and Skelly are both ideal candidates for brand new Hades players who are seeking for ideas on who to gift their first Nectars to. This is because both of their Keepsakes confer extra resilience to their owners.

How do you get legendary Keepsakes?

Companions are allies that certain characters bestow upon you (also known as Legendary Keepsakes). Ambrosia must be given to the character once the relevant quest has been completed in order for them to be obtained.

Is it worth giving Hades Nectar?

Zagreus will receive a specific trinket as a reward for giving Nectar to the majority of the characters in Hades. He will be able to use this item on subsequent efforts to escape. These trinkets grant potent boons and can change the course of the game with their stat enhancements. The fact that they can be improved via continued use is an added bonus.

What is the best starter keepsake?

The finest Memento goods to have when just starting out. A Golden Seed is the Keepsake that comes highly recommended by our team as the finest option for beginners. Because of this, you will have an additional use of a flask, which can be used to either restore your HP or your FP. At the beginning of the game, your ability to survive is quite important.

Who should I befriend in Hades?

If you are just beginning your adventure in Hades, it is highly recommended that you provide Nectar to Skelly and Cerberus as soon as possible in the game. You will receive greater health and an additional revive as item rewards for completing their challenges, both of which come in useful while you are still learning the ropes. As you progress through the obstacles presented by Keepsakes, they will gain levels, which will increase their usefulness.