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How to Upgrade Weapons in Hades


Hades has been accessible as an Early Access title for PC players for a number of years, but it has now been fully published and is now available on the Nintendo Switch for the first time in North America. Increasing the power of your six weapons will be required if you are to kill all of the bosses and reach the pinnacle of Mt. Olympus in order to be successful. You can find out everything you need to know about improving your weaponry in Hades, including how to get started.

How to Upgrade Weapons in Hades

When you are running through Hades, the first step toward permanently strengthening your weapons is to unlock all six of them by collecting Chthonic Keys throughout your runs. These items can be purchased in stores or acquired as a prize for completing chambers in a given time period.

The Disclose option will become available when you have completed all six challenges in your training area. If you have the weapon equipped, you will be able to pick it, which will reveal a menu displaying all of the upgrades available for that particular weapon. You can see what I’m talking about by looking at the images below:

If you want to properly upgrade your weapons, you’ll need to earn Titan Blood, which you may obtain by battling foes and using a range of different weapons. Whoever has not yet worked out how to obtain Titan Blood can do so by visiting this page, which contains further information on the subject.

Due to the difficulty of obtaining Titan Blood in Hades, it is recommended that you only upgrade the weapons that you use the most of the time rather than wasting your Titan Blood on random skills.

Once you have spent the Titan Blood, it is hard to undo or cancel the enhancement, so think carefully about your decision before moving through with it. When it comes to learning how to upgrade weaponry in Hades, there is nothing more to it than that.



When can you upgrade Hades weapons?

Just as we mentioned before, you can only begin upgrading your weapons after you have defeated Hades, the final boss in the game. Then you’ll be able to utilize the Titan Blood to sharpen your weapons, and the aspect system will be opened for you to employ. Each weapon has four aspects, three of which are visible while the fourth is hidden. Three of the aspects are visible while the fourth is hidden.

What does Titan blood do in Hades?

They are a resource that may be gained through bosses, along with Diamonds and Ambrosia. It is mostly utilized in the courtyard of the House of Hades to unlock and upgrade Weapon Aspects, which allows Zagreus to personalize his armoury of Infernal Arms.

How many levels does it take to beat Hades?

In Hades, there are four primary zones to battle through, each of which concludes with a boss battle. Due to the fact that the 4th zone contains a variable number of rooms based on chance, the quickest run will consist of approximately 40 chambers altogether (including boss fights).