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How to Get Lobster in Stardew Valley


The farming world simulation game genre gets a facelift with the release of Stardew Valley, a game that is both fresh and innovative. You will need to complete a number of missions in order to make further progress in the game. While it is possible that some of the quests will be rather enjoyable, others will be difficult to figure out how to complete. Finding a person, place, or thing could take you several hours of your time. After a certain number of attempts, the quests can get extremely laborious. If you find that you are unable to move forward, it is time to ask for assistance. In Stardew Valley, acquiring a lobster can be done by following the instructions in this article. So let’s get started:

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How to Get Lobster in Stardew Valley

After you have finished reading a letter from Gus, the mission will immediately become active for you to complete. Around the sixth of autumn, the letter is expected to arrive. Therefore, make sure you keep a tight eye on the mail. The request that Gus has for a lobster will be stated succinctly in the letter. You will require the following items in order to successfully catch a lobster from the ocean:

1. Crab pots are used to capture lobsters from the ocean and bring them ashore.

2. The third most difficult fishing level. There is no way to cheat or take a shortcut in order to level up your fishing ability faster. To naturally advance from the first level of fishing to the second, and then to the third level, you will need to put in a lot of hard effort and spend some time doing it.

How to Get Lobster in Stardew Valley

3. 40 Wood. The forest contains a large quantity of wood. The forest can be found extending all the way to the edge of the map. In order to chop the wood in the appropriate manner, you will require an ax.

4. 3 Copper Bars. The mine is the only place where copper can be discovered. You should be ready to spend a significant amount of time in the mine. In the interim, you could strike it rich and find some copper, if you’re lucky.

How to Get Lobster in Stardew Valley

5. The crab pots will be constructed using the 40 pieces of wood and the three iron bars.

6. You are also going to need some bait, which can easily be purchased at the tackle shop in your area. You will need to spend five gold pieces for the bait. Make it a goal to buy at least three different baits.

How to Get Lobster in Stardew Valley

7. Toss a few of the crab pots into the water in the vicinity of where you plan to fish. The area immediately adjacent to Willy’s home is ideal for setting up the crab pots.

How to Get Lobster in Stardew Valley

8. Be sure to check on the crab pots on a regular basis. Even though it may be a while before it happens, the crab pots will ultimately bring in a lobster.

9. Capture the lobster and bring it to Gus in the StarDrop Saloon, where Gus spends the bulk of his time (Gus may be found there, as he spends the majority of his time there).

How to Get Lobster in Stardew Valley

Congratulations. Your mission will be considered finished once you have handed up the lobster. Gus will express his gratitude to you by bestowing upon you 450 golden coins. You will need to access your journal in order to claim your reward. You may do this by using the J key on your keyboard or by clicking on the question mark that is located below the gold total. After entering the Journal, navigate to the bottom of the page and select the prize that says “Wanted: Lobster.”


How rare is a lobster in Stardew Valley?

Any tile on the beach map has a 5% chance to yield a lobster when using a crabpot.

What is the rarest fish Stardew?

If you capture a Legend and decide to sell it, the highest you can earn for it is 15,000 gold, making it the most costly item in Stardew Valley with a single sell price. Legends are among the rarest and most valuable fish in the game.

What does Marnie love in Stardew Valley?

Gifts for Marnie that include things like wine, jelly, pickles, and honey are often well received. There are also other types of precious stones that can be discovered in the Mines, such as rubies, emeralds, and topaz, in addition to those already mentioned.

What is the best money making fish in Stardew Valley?

If you are interested in turning a healthy profit from your fish ponds, the Lava Eel is the species of fish that you should keep. Even though these volcanic eels are the second most difficult fish to catch (just behind the legendary fish) and can only be discovered on the 100th floor of The Mines, it is undeniably worthwhile to go to such great lengths to get them.

Who has a crush on Marnie Stardew Valley?

Based on the words that Marlon used at the Flower Dance, it appears that he has a love interest in Marnie.