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How to Get Madden 19 Legends Lorenzo Neal, Darrell Green in Ultimate Team Mode


On Saturday, a few shiny new Madden 19 Legends cards touched base in Ultimate Team mode. Gamers discovered that the most up to date legends cards to drop are for Chargers halfback Lorenzo Neal and Redskins protective star Darrell Green. Incense Ultimate Team proprietors who need to get these players for their lineups are in karma. While they won’t most likely get the full 99 OVR variants, it’s conceivable to acquire cards for every player. Here’s the means by which to procure Madden 19 Legends Lorenzo Neal and Darrell Green in the game.

Madden 19 Legends cards for Green, Neal

The two cards uncovered on Saturday are both 99 generally speaking Power Up cards as a major aspect of the Ultimate Legends arrangement. First up is Lorenzo Neal. The 5-foot-11 fullback was a star on the San Diego Chargers among different groups amid his 15-year NFL vocation. Neal piled on 18 touchdowns and about 1,900 yards between his surging and getting. His legends card (beneath) brings tolerable details, for example, 98 Awareness, 98 Lead Blocking, and 95 Strength. A 85 Speed is presumably not what most gamers need on their groups, yet it’s useful for a

On edge side of the field comes a 99 OVR Power Up card for Redskins cornerback Darrell Green. Regarding tallness, he’s missing there, such a significant number of MUT fans are rapidly scrutinizing the card for that. In any case, he has a 99 Speed, 98 Acceleration, 98 Man Coverage, and 97 Agility among Key Attributes. Amid his about multi year profession in Washington, he totaled 43 capture attempts and 10 bobble recuperations just as 1,201 consolidated handles. He likewise had eight touchdowns between those INTs and bumbles.

Step by step instructions to get Lorenzo Neal, Darrell Green cards in game

The new Madden 19 Legends cards are accessible through the buy of Madden Ultimate Legends packs or packages. Likewise, there are gamers selling these cards over at the Auction House, however it will include spending a touch of in-game money.

There are likewise a couple of constrained time Madden difficulties to play for the following week. In the primary test, gamers can acquire a Lorenzo Neal card alongside 3,000 Coins. When that challenge is finished, gamers can proceed onward to handle the Darrell Green test. The reward there is the Green player card alongside 3,000 Coins. A third and last test is opened after that. Winning against an intense Ultimate Legends group results in 3,000 Coins and a UL Reward Pack.

For the Lorenzo Neal challenge, you’ll take on the Chargers (88 OVR) group with your Madden Ultimate Team. For the Darrell Green test, you’re facing a 89 OVR Redskins group. These legends players are both on their particular groups. Win the recreations and the prizes are yours. Be that as it may, it won’t be simple!

It’s important that likewise with consistently, there was additionally a LTD card discharged for Madden Ultimate Legends. The current week’s restricted Legends player is a 99 OVR Michael Strahan, who is accessible in the Ultimate Legends packs through June 3.

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