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How to Get Mega Energy in Pokemon Go!


Pokemon Go has been a game changer for the world of gaming. With your phone as your controller and a GPS to help you find monsters, it’s easy to get lost in the world of Pokemon Go and forget that you have to go to work or school. The game is incredibly addictive, and it’s not limited to just adults. Kids are getting addicted too! If your child is hooked on Pokemon Go, you might be wondering how do I get more energy in this game? Here are some ways that can help you get mega energy in Pokemon Go!

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The Science Of Energy

Pokemon Go needs your energy to play! One of the best ways to get more energy in Pokemon Go is to eat berries. The game is a lot easier when you’re feeling good and have mega energy, so it’s worth putting these little power-ups into your game plan! Berries are also a great way to train Pokemon and build their strength. Another way to get more energy is by walking more. This can help you level up your trainer faster, which means that you can earn coins faster and evolve your Pokemon faster.

How To Get Mega Energy In Pokemon GO

For a long time, Pokemon Go trainers have been able to Mega Evolve particular Pokemon GO species, but not everyone understands how. It’s all about Mega Energy, which may be obtained in a variety of ways. Everything you need to know is right here.

Mega Evolutions were first introduced in 2013’s Pokemon X and Y. They are a strong sort of evolution that trainers may perform on certain Pokemon by getting them to hold a Mega Stone during combat.

It won’t be available in Pokemon GO until August 2020, according to Niantic. When it was, though, they had to do things differently. In Pokemon GO, Mega Stones do not exist. Trainers must instead collect Mega Energy, which is different for each Pokemon. Mega Energy is quite easy to get, despite the fact that it does not appear to be.

How To Get Mega Energy In Pokemon GO

Mega Raids are the quickest way to obtain Mega Energy. Trainers are faced against Mega Evolved Pokemon instead of normal Pokemon in these raids, which are comparable to regular raids. Rather than offering the chance to catch the Pokemon, they give Mega Energy to trainers. The more Mega Energy you get the faster you accomplish it.

It is, however, awarded for completing certain Research Tasks. If you complete ‘A Mega Discovery,’ for example, you will earn a Mega Energy for Beedrill. There are plenty additional examples as well.

Unfortunately, at this time, those are the only two ways to obtain Mega Energy in Pokemon GO.

However, the system is still in its early stages, and there may be more opportunities to earn money in the future.

If you wish to give your Pokemon an extra boost in strength and size, you’ll have to perform Mega Raids and Research Tasks until then.

Why Is trading In Pokemon Go disabled?

Although Niantic hasn’t provided an official explanation for why trading in Pokemon Go is presently restricted, several gamers have disclosed a possible cause on social media – and it includes Lucky Trades.

User AndKrem disclosed on the Silph Road subreddit (a prominent forum for Pokemon Go players) that they just made 100 Lucky Trades with a buddy, which is certainly the consequence of a glitch.

When Pokemon are traded with a buddy, they have a slight chance of turning Lucky. Lucky Pokemon are highly sought after since they take less Stardust to level up and always have high IVs.

Given that Niantic prohibited trade in Pokemon Go just a few hours after this post was uploaded on Reddit, it appears that this is the reason for their decision.

As previously said, the only thing left to do now is wait for the function to be restored. Hopefully, the trading downtime will be compensated in some way, such as an increase in trading distance.

Video For Better Understanding


More than likely, you are already playing Pokemon Go and have already noticed that your energy doesn’t last as long as it used to. There are countless tricks to help you get more energy, but the best way is to watch what you’re doing. If you’re playing too much, you need to take a break from the game and come back later with a fresh mindset. If you’re not playing enough, go outside and enjoy yourself for a little bit before coming back to the game. Either way, these tips will help you find your balance and get more energy in Pokemon Go!