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How to Double Clutch in GTA 5 – The Ultimate Guide


The driving mechanics in GTA V are by far the best in the franchise. While some gamers like GTA IV’s driving simulation feel, with vehicles carrying far more weight, it didn’t exactly provide for an enjoyable racing experience.

GTA V, on the other hand, flawlessly blends the arcade and simulation aspects of driving and boasts excellent driving mechanics. So much so that GTA Online devotes an entire chunk of the game to racing. There are a broad range of races in which you may compete.

Players are always looking for methods to get an advantage over the other racers and desire to go faster. Leaning forward on a bike is one of the most common strategies to ride faster since it creates a more aerodynamic shape.

In automobiles, ‘double clutching,’ as it’s become known, is a common method that GTA players do to accelerate.

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How To Double Clutch In GTA 5- What Is Double-clutching?

In general, developers have enhanced various driving mechanics in GTA 5 when compared to previous instalments in the game. Although the driving simulation aspect of the game is well appreciated, the weight of the cars might often appear to be a hindrance for those who enjoy racing. GTA 5 does, however, have a number of unique tactics and elements that help to balance the simulation feel when driving automobiles, resulting in a very immersive experience.

In a nutshell, GTA 5 offers a broad range of races to participate in. In instance, GTA Online has an entire area dedicated to racing to meet the requirements of gamers.

When players wish to travel quicker, they frequently look for a way to get over the racetrack’s edge and pass their opponents. Nonetheless, each vehicle has its own distinct qualities. Bikers strive to form a more aerodynamic shape by leaning forward, and for super-cool automobiles in GTA 5, “double clutching” is the most successful approach for achieving mind-blowing speeds.

Tips For Double-clutching In GTA 5

Before we get into How do you double clutch in GTA 5, it’s important to understand that, contrary to popular belief, such a method isn’t present on every vehicle, even supercars. To be sure, go into Free mode and start experimenting with a variety of cars. It may appear to be a waste of time, yet there is a lot of intriguing information available.

If you want to learn how to double clutch in GTA 5, the first thing you need do is find a fast automobile as quickly as feasible. The explanation is simple: in GTA 5, if you double clutch, your car will blast flames backwards, and believe me, you don’t want that to happen! Furthermore, high-speed cars, as opposed to slow buggies, make the task of How to double clutch in GTA 5 much easier.

How To Double Clutch In GTA 5 – Step-by-step Instructions

1. First and foremost, you must accelerate your vehicle from first to second gear, then listen for the sound of the engine till you can hear the transmission shift.

2.Acceleration mode should be activated just before the car shifts into the third gear.

3. Quickly apply the handbrake or brake in a timely manner, approximately half a second.

4. Let’s quickly go through how to double clutch in GTA 5 PS4 in case you’re playing on that platform.

5. Activate the Acceleration mode as soon as possible.

6. If you are successful, your vehicle will be revving at incredible speeds and going at a lot faster rate than it was previously. Make sure that you are always paying attention to the sound of the gear shift at all times.

You can then begin flipping to third-person mode to see what’s going on behind you if you’ve mastered this technique effectively. Furthermore, when you hit the gas pedal after depressing the handbrake, the car will not only accelerate ahead, but it will also emit a tiny burst of flames from the exhaust as it is launched. When you’ve done double-clutching in Grand Theft Auto 5, you’ll know it.

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