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How to Play Pokemon on iphone for Free


Play Pokemon on iphone for Free

Pokemon is a game that started in Japan, but has since become immensely popular due to its large range of lovable characters and long gameplay. The powerful electric electric rodent, Pikachu, for example has made cameos in many other Nintendo games such as Super Smash Bros Brawl , Wii Sports , Mario Kart DS , etc.

The original Pokemon game was released for the Nintendo Gameboy, but was soon ported to the Nintendo DS . The game is set up as a role-playing game. You must capture Pokemon and train them in order to defeat other trainers, gym leaders, and eventually the Elite Four.

In case you are passionate about old GBA games, you can’t pass up the first ones like Pokémon. But these games are only accessible on a computer. How do you play Pokemon on an iPhone for free? This question that people ask a lot will be answered in the article below. We should talk about it.

Pokemon is not available on the iOS from the Pokemon Type Chart, but can be accessed using an emulator application called GBA4iOS (emulator). GBA4iOS is only available for iPhones running iOS 8.0.3 and earlier and does not require you to leave your phone.

How To Play Pokemon On iPhone?

Pokemon is a really famous retro game, but you can only get it on your computer. If you want to get the Pokemon red iPhone version, then you have to use an outside program.

We will prescribe a few different ways to Play Pokemon on iphone for Free through certain apparatuses called emulators in this article.

1. Via Emulators

There is a wide scope of well known apparatuses that help you in playing pokemon on iPad or iPhone. The following is the commonly utilized iPhone pokemon emulator show you can consider.

GBA4iOS 2.0

Mac doesn’t permit you to download and play GBAs on your iPhone or iPad. Thusly, to play Pokemon, you really want to download an instrument called GBA4iOS. To utilize this Pokemon emulator iOS, follow the accompanying advances.

  • #Step 1: Download GBA4iOS by means of this connection:

  • #Step 2: After the installation interaction is finished, open the Pokemon emulator iPhone GBA4iOS. A brief will show up on your screen; hit “Continue”.

Play Pokemon on iphone for Free

  • #Step 3: If the GBA4iOS emulator doesn’t work, change the Date and Time settings. You can tweak any date as long as before nineteenth Feb 2014. With regards to time setting, turn on the section: Set Automatically.

  • #Step 4: Upload ROMs to the emulator by going to the Play Pokemon on iphone for Free of GBA4iOS, marking your Dropbox record, and turning on Dropbox Sync.

  • #Step 5: Tap on the Download option when you see the declaration. To download and introduce games from the private internet browser.

Play Pokemon on iphone for Free

  • #Step 6: You should choose option ALL to play both the two games on the screen. Presently you can play Pokemon on iPhone as your desire.

How to play Pokemon on iPhone

  • #Step 7: Open Pokemon on iPhone by means of GBA4iOS 2.0 emulator and appreciate it.

Happy Chick

This coordinated game empowers you to encounter the two stages, iOS and Android. Follow the beneath steps.

  • #Step 1: Open Safari and search Happy Chick. You can download it by means of this site

  • #Step 2: Under Method 2 heading, select Install now.

Play Pokemon on iphone for Free

  • #Step 3: You can pick both of the two options, including Install HappyChick Link#1 or Install HappyChick Link#2. Snap on the Install option.

  • #Step 4: After introducing, move to the Settings menu of iPhone, select Play Pokemon on iphone for Free. Afterward click on Trust to allow permission for the Happy Chick emulator.

  • #Step 5: Go to the Home screen to open Happy Chick. At the point when you see a brief of location showing up, select the principal option Allow While Using App.

Play Pokemon on iphone for Free

  • #Step 6: Now, you can encounter Pokemon on your iPhone through the Happy Chick emulator.


  • #Step 1: Open Safari and search “Emus4U,” and hit the Install Emus4U button to introduce it on your iPhone.

  • #Step 2: After introducing the Emus4U apparatus, open it and go to the Settings menu. Click on General, and afterward tap on the Device Management section.
  • #Step 3: A brief shows up; click on Trust to allow it.
  • #Step 4: Return Home screen and open Emus4U. You will see a rundown of common game emulators. Look down and click on the GET option close to the DELTA name to get it.

  • #Step 5: Now, you can Play Pokemon on iphone for Free by means of this game emulator.

Game Play Color App

Game Play Color is considered one of the most famous emulators for iOS. On account of it, you can appreciate Pokemon and other old fashioned GBA games. You can consider applying these means beneath to introduce it.

  • #Step 1: Download Game Play Color on the Safari program through this site
  • #Step 2: Click on the Share button on the screen. Afterward select Add to Hơm Screen heading.

Play Pokemon on iphone for Free

  • #Step 3: In the new window, click on the Add section at the upper right of the screen. Therefore, the Game Play Color image will show up on the home screen.

  • #Step 4: You will get an entrance code when open the Game Play Color emulator. Move to Google Drive to sign in and synchronize your record by entering that code.
  • #Step 5: Suitable ROMs will spring up on your screen. Select Pokemon or any games you want to Play Pokemon on iphone for Free. Presently partake in your gaming minutes!

2. Through App Stores

Point of fact, emulators like DELTA or GBA4iOS are the best solutions if you extravagant playing Pokemon on your iPhone. Notwithstanding, the most common way of introducing them is very confounded, which is awkward and diminishes your advantage in the game.

Fortunately, you can encounter Pokemon on iOS by downloading them straightforwardly through the App Store. Notwithstanding, Apple likewise restricts Pokemon versions. At the end of the day, only the accompanying three variations of Pokemon games are accessible.

Pokemon Quest

Pokemon Quest is totally free on Apple. You definitely need to download it straightforwardly from App Store. The mission is to accomplish every one of its levels and rout the wild Pokemon on the island. For Pokemon darlings, this game is an unquestionable requirement attempt.

Play Pokemon on iphone for Free

Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO is a reality game that urges you to go out and investigate. The encompassing regions to chase Pokémon.

Pokemon Master EX

This game presents to you a fascinating encounter contrasted with Pokemon GO. Rather than hunting Play Pokemon on iphone for Free need to track down Pokemon mentors. Thusly, you will get an opportunity to claim both. After each level, you will likewise get rewards. We should attempt it!