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How to Get Meltan in Pokemon Go


The month of September 2018 saw one of the most significant moments in which Pokemon GO has had an effect on the Pokemon series as a whole. Players from all over the world were given hints about the existence of the Pokemon Meltan at this time. Meltan is one of the rare Pokemon to make its debut in a game that is not a mainstream instalment. Players who do not yet own this Pokemon have the opportunity to capture one for themselves while playing the game.

It is not possible to run into a Meltan in the overworld of Pokemon GO because it is a Steel-type Pokemon with no other types. Because of its typing, it is vulnerable to attacks of the Fire, Ground, and Fighting types, but it is resistant to the damage dealt by moves of the Dragon, Ice, Psychic, Normal, Grass, Steel, Bug, Rock, Flying, Fairy, and Poison types. Meltan has the potential to evolve into Melmetal if the players are able to gather a total of 400 sweets that include the Meltan candy.

At this time, players have a choice between two different ways to acquire Meltan for their collections. The first one necessitates that players own a copy of either Pokemon: Let’s GO Eevee or Pokemon: Let’s GO Pikachu, while the second one is available to any and all players of Pokemon GO. Those who use one approach are still able to catch additional Meltan by employing the second method. This is the procedure to follow:

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How to Get Meltan in Pokemon Go

Method 1: Meltan, let’s get started on these special research tasks

Meltan can only be caught by completing the Let’s GO, Meltan special research task in Pokemon GO, even though there are a variety of other special research tasks that players can complete in the game. It consists of nine steps, with three activities included in each step other than the last one.

How to Get Meltan in Pokemon Go

The completion of this research can take a significant amount of time because it involves a series of special research tasks that require a significant amount from players, such as catching very specific Pokemon of very specific types. On the other hand, it gives the player access to a wide variety of useful items that can be used even when they are not searching for Meltan.

After players have completed step eight, the encounter with Meltan that is the reward for them will take place. Following its capture, players will be awarded a substantial quantity of Stardust, experience points, a Super Incubator, and five individual pieces of Meltan candies.

Method 2: The Box of Mystery

As was already established, only owners of any Pokemon Let’s GO game can utilise this strategy. This method’s initial step is moving a Pokemon from Pokemon GO to Let’s GO. Players will receive a Mystery Box by doing this. Until utilised, it will stay in the players’ inventories.

How to Get Meltan in Pokemon Go

If players open the box, Meltan will start to spawn quickly all around them for 30 minutes in Pokemon GO. It will once again close after the allotted time has passed and can only be unlocked once daily. The box will vanish when seven days are over, at which point players will have to transfer another Pokemon to obtain a fresh one.


Can you still get Meltan in Pokémon GO 2022?

In Pokémon GO, the Steel Pokémon Meltan can be captured in one of three distinct ways: first, by completing the unique research story Let’s Go Meltan; second, by opening a Mystery Box; and third, by completing one of the rare event tasks, such as the one that is currently being offered as part of the Pokémon TCG Crossover event. This article will walk you through all three methods available to you in 2022 for capturing Meltan.

Is Mystery Box always Meltan?

Once a Mystery Box is opened in Pokémon GO, Meltan will start to show up more frequently. However, you need to be careful because they will only show up for the player who opened the Mystery Box. You must first make contact with a Meltan that appears on the field map before attempting to capture it with a Poké Ball.

Can Meltan be traded?

Pokemon That Are Not Able to Be Bartered For

The vast majority of Legendary Pokemon can be exchanged, however Mythical Pokemon are off-limits to such activity. The only two elements that are not bound by this regulation are Meltan and Melmetal. Mew is the only Pokemon in the current generation that cannot be exchanged due to this reason.

Why is Melmetal so hard to get?

The evolution of Meltan into Melmetal is the only way to obtain this Pokémon, so it is not difficult to catch. It will cost you a whopping 400 Candy, which means that you will have to carry out this process quite a few times over!