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How to Get Merchant to Spawn in Terraria


The Merchant is one of the first few NPCs you can convince to settle in your town. He is a useful NPC from the start because he will buy anything you want to sell to him. He also sells medicines and other things, and he is the only place to get the piggy bank item. Getting the merchant to settle down and setting up a town will allow you to teleport between locations on your planet using pylons. Some NPCs, however, are finicky and won’t appear until certain conditions are met. Fortunately, most players will encounter NPCs quite rapidly in the game, and they frequently resurrect if they are killed. This article covers how to get a merchant to spawn in Terraria. Consequently, let’s begin:

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How to Get Merchant to Spawn in Terraria

Required Materials:

You only need to fight enough foes to earn enough money because almost every adversary in the game will drop money. A Vendorable NPC is fairly uncommon, and getting one before the merchant usually calls for some forward thought or preparation. Defeating enough foes will probably be your route to 50 silver. Simply having a room big enough, with a table and chair and a light source for the NPC to reside in, is all that is needed before you can start building a house.

Get Merchant to Spawn in Terraria:

A quick and simple approach to amass enough cash for the merchant to move in is to explore underground. Plenty of pots to break open and boxes to loot underground. Pots appear anywhere underground at random. Although breaking them will provide a variety of objects, these pots frequently contain cash. Brown chests, called surface-level chests, can be discovered close to the surface layer. Around 10-29 silver pieces will be found in these chests.

How to Get Merchant to Spawn in Terraria

Plan where your merchant will dwell after collecting enough silver. Houses must meet several requirements to qualify as NPC housing. The number of tiles inside the house must equal 60 overall, including the walls and ceilings. The house’s measurements might range from 5 by 12 to 15 by 4 or between. Of course, it can be bigger than this, but to qualify as housing, it must have a total tile count of no more than 750.

How to Get Merchant to Spawn in Terraria

A 5-block-long floor and a wall 12 blocks high can be seen in the house above. A 5-block high wall and a 12-block long floor are depicted in the house below. Both are appropriate for housing; however, if you choose the taller house, you will have to use a crafting table in place of a regular table for the table.

How to Get Merchant to Spawn in Terraria

Add some walls, a table and chairs, and at least one light source to the area. The merchant should move in by the following day if you have more than 50 silver. You might have to make it through the night before seeing the merchant move in since NPCs only arrive in the morning. While you are in the town, the NPCs’ arrival will also reduce the number of monsters that spawn. To protect both yourself and your NPCs, do this.


Why won’t the Merchant spawn Terraria?

Make sure you have a place for the merchant and the guide. The house you made for the merchant may be already occupied by the guide, making the house you made for the guide ineffective. Ensure that your inventory contains all 50 silver coins and not a chest.

How much money do you need for the Merchant to spawn in Terraria?

When no one is in the house and everyone has more than 50 silver in their inventory, the Merchant will spawn. Coins that are stored in portable containers won’t be counted.

What does it take for the Traveling Merchant to spawn?

Every 50 minutes, a Traveling Merchant will spawn in the game’s Trading Plaza or Shop region.

What sells for the most money in Terraria?

The Companion Cube, a subtle nod to the well-known Valve puzzle game Portal, is the most expensive item in all of Terraria. Rarely will the Traveling Merchant sell the Companion Cube, and he will charge an outrageous five platinum for it.