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How to Get Tissue Samples in Terraria


You can build a small number of amazing Crimson and Obsidian things for yourself in Terraria. You’ll also need to get tissue samples to complete this. While there are several methods to advance in Terraria’s 2D sandbox, boss battles are the primary way. Each boss opens a new region or stage with potent loot, and some—like the Brain of Cthulu—drop materials that let players craft their first set of extremely potent weapons and armor. You will learn how to collect tissue samples in terraria through this post. Consequently, let’s begin:

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How to Get Tissue Samples in Terraria

Before the universe is created, the first step toward obtaining tissue samples is taken. A player must select Crimson rather than Corruption when choosing the world’s parameters from the menu. Only planets with Crimson can have The Brain of Cthulu as a boss. The Brain of Cthulu is one of the three bosses that can be fought at the game’s beginning. Players should have at least Platinum armor and some Platinum gear to ensure that the combat is manageable, while the kind of weapons and accessories used varies depending on the class build a player is using.

Go down into the Underground Crimson and look for floating things called Crimson Hearts, which resemble glowing anatomically accurate hearts in order to spawn the Brain of Cthulu. For reference, see the image of Crimson Hearts below:

How to Get Tissue Samples in Terraria

Explosives or any kind of hammer can be used to smash crimson hearts. Each one drops a special and uncommon item that is impossible to get elsewhere, such as a gun necessary to unlock stronger Firearms later. The Brain of Cthulu is released when breaking three Crimson Hearts.

If players are unprepared, this boss might be difficult because it moves through several stages the more damage it takes. It emits what are known as “Creepers,” which are floating eyes that, when killed, drop Tissue Samples. On harder difficulties, players will receive more tissue samples.

  • Classic: 2-5 Tissue Samples (On this difficulty, killing Creepers is the only method to obtain Tissue Samples)
  • Expert: 4–10
  • Master: 4-10

How to Get Tissue Samples in Terraria

The Brain of Cthulu will drop a Treasure Bag after it is destroyed on any difficulties other from classic. It includes several helpful features, such as 10–19 Tissue Samples on Expert and Master. To manufacture each associated item, a player must gather 106 Tissue Samples.


Where do you get tissue samples in Terraria?

Tissue Samples are a crafting component discovered in the Brain of Cthulhu’s Treasure Bag and are dropped by Creepers. To make Crimtane tools and the Crimson armor set, combine them with Crimtane Bars.

What NPC sells bones in Terraria?

An NPC vendor named the Skeleton Merchant appears at random in the Cavern layer. Although adversaries won’t spawn close to him, he is not a Town NPC and will despawn when off-screen. The Skeleton Merchant doesn’t have to respawn for his inventory to update every day at sunrise (4:30 AM).

How rare is the slime stuff in Terraria?

With a few minor exceptions, the slime staff often has the lowest drop chance of any weapon. Most slimes and slimed zombies typically drop items at a rate of 1/10000 (0.01%) or 1/7000 (0.0143%). Pinky’s drop rate is 1/100 (1%) / 1/70 (1.4286%), which is significantly higher.

How rare is Dr. Bones Terraria?

If Hardmode has not yet been activated, Doctor Bones will more frequently spawn. This is because, like other rare monsters, Doctor Bones’ chance of spawning will be reduced by the new adversaries that spawn in greater numbers during Hardmode. Only at night can Doctor Bones spawn, and only at any depth on Jungle grass blocks.

How rare is the AXE in Terraria?

The axe is one of the few hammers that can destroy Crimson and Demon altars. When it was initially implemented, it couldn’t destroy altars. It is the most difficult hamaxe to obtain in the game, with a 1 in 50 chance of dropping from Plantera. The ideal prefix for this instrument is “Legendary”.