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How to Get Moss in Minecraft


In the Survival mode of Minecraft, if you come across a moss block and collect it, you’ll be able to put it in your inventory and use it. This is true even if you didn’t find it yourself. This Minecraft tutorial will show you how to make a moss block from start to finish, complete with screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

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How to Get Moss in Minecraft

Let’s get started!

1. Find a Moss Block

To begin, you will need to search the entire world of the game for a moss block and then place it in your inventory. Moss bricks are used to construct the subterranean component of the Lush Caves biome, which is located underground.

How to Get Moss in Minecraft

An example of a moss block is shown below in the following format:

How to Get Moss in Minecraft

2. Break the Moss Block

The following are the many game controls that can be used to destroy the moss block in Minecraft:

  • To play the Java Edition on a PC or a Mac, click and hold your left mouse button on the moss block.
  • To use the moss block in Pocket Edition (PE), you have to tap and hold on it.
  • To use the RT button on your Xbox controller with your Xbox One, press and hold it down.
  • To use the R2 button on the PS controller with the PS4, press and hold it.
  • To use the ZR button on the controller for the Nintendo Switch, push and hold it down.
  • To use the Windows 10 Edition, choose the moss block with your left mouse button and hold it there.
  • To use the moss block in the Education Edition, click and hold the left mouse button.

How to Get Moss in Minecraft

The moss block will crack, and the pieces will be scattered around the ground in a random pattern.

3. Pick up the Moss Block

It is imperative that you pick up the moss block as soon as possible before it vanishes.

How to Get Moss in Minecraft

As soon as you have the moss block in your possession, it will show up on your hotbar. It is recommended that you store moss bricks in your inventory so that you can make use of them at a later time.


How do you get moss without a lush cave?

Players have the ability to turn earth, stone, and cave vine blocks into moss blocks if they have Bone Meal in their inventory. Players that are unable to locate a lush cave, shipwreck, or trader may discover that the Bone Meal method is an excellent alternate option for acquiring moss blocks.

Where can I find moss blocks?

Players will most frequently come across Moss Blocks while exploring the Lush Cave biomes; however, there are other ways to get these blocks. To begin, Moss Blocks can be unearthed from the Supply Chests of Shipwrecks that can be discovered both above and below the water. These Shipwrecks can be found all over the world. In instance, there is a 42.1% chance that they may appear alongside other forms of chest loot.

Does moss spread on its own Minecraft?

Why do I think it is so wonderful? Moss blocks, on the other hand, have the potential to infect neighbouring blocks, although this can only happen in very specific situations. In its natural state, moss will appear to accomplish nothing more than sit there and look nice.

Are lush caves rare?

In Minecraft, lush caves are not nearly as difficult to come across as other things. These caves have a low chance of being found at any height, despite their rare rarity. The fact that Lush Caves are generated underground, where one might be less likely to detect an Azaela tree, is the only reason why one might get the impression that they are uncommon.